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Halloween Star Andi Matichak Is Forever Haunted By The 1978 Opening Scene

As far as iconic moments in horror go, being behind the eyes of a monster in John Carpenter's original "Halloween" from 1978 is one that's not likely to budge from being among the best of the best. Michael took his iconic weapon of choice to his older sister in 1963 before being carted away for 15 years to sit, stew, and turn into even more of a psychotic killer. It was worth the wait.

"Halloween" changed the horror genre forever when Michael got loose, put on a Captain Kirk mask, and went to town on Haddonfield teens, leaving Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis) traumatized from the events. Now we're finally going to the finale in the closing chapter of the reignited trilogy with director David Gordon Green's "Halloween Ends," but that hasn't stopped one of its cast members from looking back on the original with a dread that won't seem to fade. Andi Matichak, who has managed to survive starring in this new trilogy (so far), revealed something about the first night Michael came home that still stays with her ever since she saw it. The only question is if there are any moments in this last showdown between Laurie and Michael that could be good enough to match it.

The Halloween opening is seared into the brain of Andi Matichak

While attending the premiere of "Halloween Ends," Matichak stopped to pay her respects to John Carpenter's original masterpiece and the introduction to the world of Michael Myers she still can't seem to let go of. Speaking to Variety (via Twitter), she explained, "Honestly, the opening sequence. The opening sequence ... and, the first time I saw it, I had no idea what was about to happen, and it was just so startling." Even 44 years on, it still leaves blood running cold and hairs to stand up on end to be behind the eyes of not just a killer, but one that isn't even old enough to drive. It's that concept of evil being so young and prominent that has left its mark and is something the young star has just learned to accept. "And it's now seared in my brain, and, unfortunately, I just can't get it out."

So after being so rattled by the original, what is it that had Matichak — who plays Allyson Nelson, Laurie's granddaughter and the last in the Strode bloodline — not just signing up for one round with Michael, but three? Directing to the original final girl, Jamie Lee Curtis, who will be making her potentially final appearance as Laurie Strode, Matichak added, "If this is who you're across, how can you say no?" Killer argument.