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Joseph Gordon-Levitt Discusses His Gentleman's Agreement With Rian Johnson - Exclusive

When it comes to wooing directors, Rian Johnson isn't a bad one to have in your back pocket. Joseph Gordon-Levitt is no stranger to Johnson's sets, between films like "Inception," "Looper," "Knives Out," and even a voice cameo in "Star Wars: The Last Jedi." Sometimes, an actor just clicks with a director, and as a result, they can repeatedly replicate an exceptional brand of movie magic. Not only is it beneficial for the star and the director to continually tag team, but fans love seeing these frequent collaborations as well. And despite the hefty number of team-ups between Johnson and Gordon-Levitt, their collaboration never seems to get stale or feel forced. 

During Joseph Gordon-Levitt's exclusive interview with Looper for Season 2 of the Apple TV+ series "Wolfboy and the Everything Factory," Gordon-Levitt teased his gentleman's agreement with Johnson, and the actor explained why he takes on so many films with Johnson.

The Rian Johnson multiverse

Joseph Gordon-Levitt has done a significant amount of great voice work over the years. On what excites him most about voicing characters like Luxcraft in "Wolfboy and the Everything Factory," Slowen Lo in "The Last Jedi," Detective Hardrock from "Knives Out," and Jiminy Cricket from "Pinocchio," he said, "I love using my voice. The two Rian Johnson ones are because we had an agreement, a gentleman's agreement, that Rian, for some reason, wants me to be in all of his movies, which is a delight to me."

Yet with a hefty resumé of work like Gordon Levitt's, filming schedules aren't always simpatico. But even with conflicts, Johnson and Gordon-Levitt always try to make it work. The great thing about voice acting is the ability to do it almost anywhere. Speaking of Rian Johnson's "The Last Jedi" and "Knives Out," Gordon-Levitt explained, "On those two movies, I couldn't be in them because, unfortunately, it logistically couldn't work out. So he managed to give me voice parts so that I could still at least be in the movie somehow."

Season 2 of "Wolfboy and the Everything Factory" is now streaming on Apple TV+.