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Did Jamie Lee Curtis Just Spoil A Major Halloween Ends Scene?

When the first "Halloween" movie came out in 1978, it was clear that a highly successful and influential horror film had been made. Today, there are 12 movies in the franchise, the last of which, "Halloween Ends," will come out on October 14, 2022. Although fans might be skeptical that this is really the final installment, the filmmakers claim that "Halloween" ends for real this time.

Jamie Lee Curtis made her film debut as Laurie Strode in the original "Halloween." In the movie, Laurie is the only one of the main teenage babysitter characters who does not die at the hands of Michael Myers, a murderer who was jailed as a child for killing his sister and escapes on Halloween to go on killing sprees. Although Curtis is not in all of the "Halloween" movies, she is in many of them, as an adult version of Laurie continues the battle she began as a teenager — to protect the residents of Haddonfield, Illinois from Myers' deranged attacks. 

"Halloween Ends" will continue Laurie's story from the franchise's last couple of films: 2018's "Halloween" and 2021's "Halloween Kills." In "Halloween Kills," Michael Myers murders Laurie's daughter, Karen (Judy Greer), at the end of the film, giving Laurie even more reason to want to finally end his life. Thus, "Halloween Ends" will feature a final showdown between Laurie and Michael Myers. In a recent interview, Curtis may have spoiled a major scene from the film. 

Curtis says the last shot in Halloween Ends is Laurie alone in a car

In an interview with Jake's Takes, Jamie Lee Curtis pointed out that the first shots of the 1978 "Halloween" movie feature Laurie as a daughter, friend, and person, and have nothing to do with Michael Myers. Similarly, she revealed that "The final shot of the 2022 ... movie is Laurie by herself in a car, and it's a very contemplative moment in the movie. And by then, Laurie has experienced all of Michael Myers, for 44 years." Curtis seemed to appreciate that the franchise is book-ended by shots of Laurie alone, before and after she goes through her long battle with Michael Myers.

If the last shot of "Halloween Ends" is Laurie alone in a car, this suggests that she survives her final showdown with Michael Myers — unless the final shot is a flashback, which seems unlikely. And if Laurie survives "Halloween Ends," it seems like Michael Myers probably does not survive. Of course, there is a chance that the killer once again gets captured by the authorities. However, in the past whenever Michael Myers gets locked up, he just escapes and goes on more killing sprees. If "Halloween ends" is truly supposed to be the franchise's final film, a more conclusive ending would be more satisfying.