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The V/H/S Franchise Is Giving Fans Another Suite Of Throwback Horror Delights

Long before Clive Barker and David Bruckner began chatting and discussing the next chapter in the "Hellraiser" franchise, Bruckner was an aspiring filmmaker who was just getting his footing in the horror film industry. In 2012, he got together with fellow writers and directors Simon Barrett, Joe Swanberg, Adam Wingard, and Ti West to make "V/H/S," a found footage anthology produced by Brad Miska's production company, Bloody Disgusting, among others. After debuting it at the Sundance Film Festival, Magnolia Pictures bought the film for just over $1 million (via The Hollywood Reporter).

For Bruckner, the first-person point of view is what really appealed to him. "When I first heard about the idea, I kind of jumped up in my seat a little bit, because part of what is so enjoyable to me about found-footage movies is that first-person entry point," he told Complex in a 2012 interview. "As smart as I want to be about movies, especially with all my friends, to some degree there's that side of myself that just wants to get as close to the edge of the cliff as possible."

In anticipation of the release of "V/H/S/99," which will be the fifth film in the franchise, Shudder has announced that it is giving fans of the anthology series more to look forward to, this time with a throwback to the '80s.

Shudder is giving fans V/H/S/85

At the 2022 New York Comic Con, AMC Networks' Shudder announced a new film for fans to look forward to: the 1980s-focused anthology titled "V/H/S/85." According to a press release obtained by Looper, a thrilling roster of talented directors such as Scott Derrickson (who recently directed "The Black Phone"), Mike P. Nelson, Gigi Saul Guerrero, and up-and-coming director Natasha Kermani will be helming the segments of the sixth movie in the series. Bruckner will be directing one of the segments as well as producing.

"The V/H/S series is a continued love letter to found footage nastiness and the mad variety of anthology horror," Bruckner said in a statement. "Having helmed a segment of the OG film, I'm beyond excited to be back behind the camera in V/H/S/85, alongside some of my very favorite voices in the genre."

2021's "V/H/S/94" was the first film of the franchise put out by Shudder and Studio71, breathing life back into the film series. Besides setting a record for most viewers during its premiere weekend, it has a 91% certified fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes. Speaking about the upcoming film, Shudder General Manager Craig Engler said in part, "We are totally stoked to take Shudder members back to 1985 with a wicked new collection of scares from some of the most radical horror directors working today."

"V/H/S/85" is scheduled to release in 2023.