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Keanu Reeves Got Emotional About Carrie-Anne Moss' Returning Performance In The Matrix Franchise

"The Matrix Resurrections" marked the return of a 20+-year journey of "The Matrix" saga. Keanu Reeves and Carrie-Anne Moss returned to the franchise for the fourth film in the series that began in 1999, respectively playing the characters of Thomas Anderson, also known as Neo, and Trinity. The series was originally thought to conclude with 2004's "The Matrix Revolutions," but the series was revived for a meta-installment that dabbles in the idea of multiverses, a topic prevalent in heaps of media in the 2020s.

This wasn't the first time Reeves returned to a beloved franchise in the decade. In 2020, he returned as Theodore "Ted" Logan in the trilogy ender "Bill and Ted Face the Music." The 30-years-later sequel follows the adventures of Bill and Ted as they come to terms with getting older and what that means for their respective families. Reeves opened up to The New York Times regarding the experience lof returning to work with Alex Winter as the Bill to his Ted. "I think of him as my brother," he said. "We enjoy each other's company and our thoughts and takes on the world."

Reeves returned to the role of Neo one year later, and he expressed comparable sentiments about returning to work with Carrie-Anne Moss on the fourth "Matrix" film.

Reuniting with Moss in The Matrix Resurrections was 'really amazing'

In an interview with Good Morning America, Keanu Reeves got emotional while talking about working with Carrie-Anne Moss again in "The Matrix Resurrections." When asked what it was like to work again with the actress who plays Trinity in the series, Reeves simply answered that it was "really amazing." He went on to describe their face-to-face meeting in the film and was emotional as he looked back on her performance. "I'm gonna cry, but it was like I got to see that up close, to see her strength ... it was cool to be there," he said. Finally, acknowledging that this may be the final time the actors play Neo and Trinity on film together, Reeves said, "This ... might be the last time, again, you know? So I'm trying to take it in."

Similarly, Carrie-Anne Moss told Empire that the characters live within them, so going back to those roles holds a lot of emotional weight. When talking about the characters remembering their journey together, she said, "It moved me. It was interesting to be seeing these two characters sitting across from each other having this conversation, listening to what they're saying, and at the same time absolutely remembering the past."

Indeed, the two actors make the reboot film in the series sound like a labor of love. "That's so wonderful, to revisit those relationships and those creative partnerships," Moss said of working on the film.