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Fans Tell Looper Which Rick And Morty Character Deserves Their Own Spin-Off - Exclusive Survey

"Rick and Morty" continues to be one of Adult Swim's most popular creations. The brainchild of "Community" creator Dan Harmon and voice actor Justin Roiland, the animated sci-fi spectacle with meta-humor and philosophical musings has been going strong since 2013. Even in its 6th season, the series continues to boast record ratings, with the recent premiere drawing in over 1 million viewers (via Deadline). With the series as big as it is, the possibility of a feature-length film has been discussed. As with any popular series, it makes sense to also go forward with a spin-off series.

Adult Swim has released a spin-off series of sorts in the form of "The Vindicators," a collection of shorts that focuses on the titular superhero team of the same name. The network has also ordered a spin-off anime (via The Hollywood Reporter) based on the series. While details are slim, the anime is expected to juggle the same tropes and themes that made the Adult Swim series so successful. 

While the "Rick and Morty" universe continues to expand, one can't help but wonder the possibility of a spin-off based on a supporting character. The Smith family's world is filled with a diverse array of characters, many of whom could lead their own series. The question is, out of all the characters introduced so far, which deserves their own spin-off? Looper conducted its own exclusive survey, finding out exactly who fans want to expand the "Rick and Morty" franchise. 

Fans want to see Jessica lead her own spin-off

An exclusive survey from Looper reveals that 21.37% of "Rick and Morty" fans believe Jessica deserves her own spin-off. 613 United States-based participants helped shape the survey's results, and based on their input, it's no surprise that Jessica is leading the bunch considering her character has been fleshed out in recent seasons, subverting her original intention. 

The character started off as a simple crush for Morty to pine over but Jessica has become more than that, occasionally joining the core group of characters on adventures. Her Season 5 appearance in "Mort Dinner Rick Andre" saw her become a time god, proving she's more than a stock love interest. Following Jessica is Scary Terry, who received 19.74% of the votes. A parody of Freddy Kruger, Scary Terry has only appeared in the Season 1 episode "Lawnmower Dog," where he attempts to haunt Rick and Morty's dreams. Fans have been hoping for Scary Terry's return for quite some time now. 

Mr. Poopybutthole comes in at third place with 18.11% of the vote. Making his debut in Season 2, the good friend of the Smith family has been used sparingly since, appearing at least once per season. Unity, Rick's former lover, got 12.07% of the votes. Voiced by "Mad Men" star Christina Hendricks, the character has only appeared in one episode, though a spin-off would be interesting considering Unity is known to traverse the universe, getting into its own wacky adventures. Nimbus, a parody of Aquaman and Rick's enemy, received 11.91% votes, just barely behind Unity. The existential Meeseeks got the love of 9.79% of fans, while Arthricia, the purge-savior, received just 7.01% of votes.