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Hulu's Hellraiser Changes The Lament Configuration Puzzle In Three Major Ways

The Lament Configuration is an essential component of every "Hellraiser" movie. The mysterious puzzle box is responsible for opening the gateway to Hell and summoning the Cenobites, after all. Without it, the aforementioned demons wouldn't be able to show us unspeakable sights and unleash their legendary suffering. It's the hellbound heart of the entire saga.

Variations of the puzzle box have appeared in all shapes and sizes throughout the "Hellraiser" movies. The most notable iteration is a simple golden cube that shouldn't be tampered with, but that's the simplistic version. The underrated "Hellraiser: Bloodline" turns a whole space station into an inverted Lament Configuration, built to trap the Cenobites and send them back to Hell once and for all. Hulu's "Hellraiser" isn't content to repeat the same old formula, either.

While the Lament Configuration might look strange in Hulu's "Hellraiser", it's hardly the first movie to get creative with the demon-summoning gadget. That said, the version of the puzzle box in David Bruckner's unsettling 2022 reboot adds some new elements to the supernatural artifact that set it apart from the others.

The Lament Configuration takes new shapes in Hulu's Hellraiser reboot

Hulu's "Hellraiser" is a reimagining of sorts, but it can hang out in the same universe as Clive Barker's original film and some of its sequels. However, the shape of the Lament Configuration might take some long-term fans by surprise as there are scenes in which it's reminiscent of a rectangular antique. In other scenes, it's portrayed as a star-like shape to reflect the different stages of the human experience.

The old Lament Configuration did unfurl, bend, and twist into different shapes after being activated, so the new device isn't completely alien in its presentation. But the filmmakers applied their own unique touch to the demonic artifact in the new "Hellraiser," and it's one of the many notable elements of the movie that establish it as its own unique beast.

That said, fans will be pleased to know that the Lament Configuration also adopts its more recognizable form Hulu's "Hellraiser." The very first shot of the box depicts the familiar version, though it doesn't take long for it to start showing us some new sights.

The Lament Configuration cuts deep

Unless one is using the Lament Configuration to send the Cenobites back to the shadow realm, nothing good ever comes from touching it. Hulu's "Hellraiser" enforces this notion more than previous movies too, as playing with the box comes with extra suffering this time around.

Rather than giving off an unpleasant shock, the box produces a sharp blade that cuts the user. This is rather fitting as it serves as a precursor to the Cenobites arriving on the scene and carving into flesh. Playing with the box means blood will be spilled, whether it's by the Cenobites' chains or the device itself. 

The sharpness of the puzzle box also means that it can be used as an effective weapon. This is evident during the film's warped, blood-soaked climax, which sees Riley (Odessa A'Zion) use it to complete her mission. In the end, though, she regrets ever coming into contact with the device in the first place and returns to a life of regret.

The Lament Configuration can reset itself

David Bruckner's "Hellraiser" has some fun with the visuals of the box, but its mechanisms also differ from the previous iterations. In the original "Hellraiser" movies, Pinhead reassembled the Lament Configuration after the Cenobites appeared to cause legendary suffering. The Hell Priest doesn't have to do that here, though, as the box has a mind of its own.

The box in the 2022 reboot can reassemble itself after being opened by its user. This is noticeable during the scene in the playground in which Riley summons the demons before passing out on the roundabout and it subsequently returns to its regular state.

Of course, that doesn't mean that Pinhead doesn't play with the Lament Configuration. Moments after Riley wakes up, The Priest uses the device to torment Riley and cause her chest to bleed. When the demon holds the box, bad things happen to human beings.