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The Fascinating Way Deadliest Catch's Wild Bill Made His Way Onto The Show

"Deadliest Catch" has seen its fair share of rigorous sea captains take on the harsh conditions of the Bering Sea to make the best out of the Alaskan crab fishing season. Whether you fancy Sig Hansen, Jake Anderson, Josh Harris, Johnathan Hillstrand, or the late Phil Harris, there's no denying that these men have a lot to be admired. The hit Discovery Channel documentary reality series has never been afraid to show the harsh, and often terrifying reality, of this risky profession. 

Due to the use of heavy machinery and the unpredictable conditions of the waters during crab season in the Bering Sea and the Aleutian Islands port off of Dutch Harbor, Alaska, it is often listed amongst the most dangerous jobs one can have (via CNN Money). The fatality rate is incredibly high, with up to one death per week on most vessels and almost full certainty of injuries occurring. However dangerous it is, the rewards can certainly be plentiful for those who are brave enough to face it head-on. 

One of the brave individuals who works in this profession is Wild Bill from "Deadliest Catch." Although his real name is actually Bill Wichrowski, most fans will probably agree that the colorful moniker suits him well. Wichrowski joined the cast of the show for its sixth season and has become one of the series' most respected and beloved captains. Although he can be grumpy, he's dedicated to his profession. Having become such a staple on the show, it's hard to imagine "Deadliest Catch" without good ol' Wild Bill, but everyone has to start somewhere. So what were Bill's beginnings?

It took a few tries for Bill to get on the show

In an interview with Bill Wichrowski on Gamer Stuff, the "Deadliest Catch" fisherman explains that he was lured to the profession after learning how much Alaskan crab fishermen can make. He found himself on a boat six months later and retired a little later down the line. Sometime after retiring, he discovered "Deadliest Catch."

"You know I went after them," Wichrowski says. "The Hillstrand brothers came down to Mexico to sport fish with me ... the economy was getting a little soft and I could see that these guys were having a good time and they were having some fun and they were making some money." From there, Wichrowski contacted Discovery and asked about being on the series. He needed to make several attempts, as he needed his own boat and to make sufficient quota to be considered for the show. 

After some back and forth with the executives, Wichrowski reached out with enough quota from his boat to convince the network to give him a chance. Ultimately, while Wichrowski went into the profession for financial benefits, his heart has always been in the right place, as building a legacy was most important to him at the end of the day. "I pursued those guys, I wanted to be part of it," he says. "I want my future generations to see what great-grandad was all about."