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Amazon Orders Up A Second Serving Of Star-Powered Prairie Gothic Outer Range

"Outer Range" created a lot of mystery for viewers. The Prime Video series, created by Brian Watkins, immediately invited comparisons to "Twin Peaks." Reviewers writing for various outlets from Vulture to IGN made the comparison — and in a positive context. The combination of odd unexplained happenings with the still-untamed wide open spaces of Wyoming ranch country as a backdrop made for a compelling viewing experience. Not to mention the raw, off-kilter performances from Josh Brolin, Lili Taylor, and others.

But of course, this is the age of streaming. This means that no matter how well a show does, there's always the possibility that the numbers won't add up and the ax will easily fall. In turn, the answers to all the questions viewers were left with at the end of the first season will wind up essentially tossed into the abyss like a dead body on Royal Abbott's (Brolin) ranch.

Luckily, as we see in today's news, that hasn't been the case for "Outer Range."

Outer Range has been renewed for a second season

According to Deadline, Prime Video has renewed "Outer Range" for a second season. So far, there's no confirmation on which cast members will be returning, though we can assume it will include most of those from Season 1; particularly Josh Brolin, who also serves as executive producer. Creator Brian Watkins will be stepping down as showrunner, though will stay on as executive producer. Fellow EP Charles Murray will take over showrunning duties.

At the end of the first season, Royal had to both reveal and come to grips with the reality of the events set in motion in the first episode. His son Perry (Tom Pelphrey) was finally caught out as the man who beat Trevor Tillerson (Matt Lauria) to death, thus exacerbating the tensions with the wealthy Tillersons who have already been trying to claim part of the Abbott ranch for their own.

Even more intriguing is the revelation that the strange hole on Royal's land is not exactly new to him. In fact, he used it to escape being accused of the death of his own father in 1886 and landed in 1968, after which the Abbotts took him in. What's more, the hole has something to do with a future version of his own granddaughter (Imogen Poots) that has been staying on his land. How this all plays out for Royal and the rest of the Abbott family is likely to be fleshed out further in Season 2.