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One Line In Big Sky Season 3 Episode 3 Has Jensen Ackles Fans Seeing Red

To say Jensen Ackles has a bit of a fan base would be an understatement. 

Fans of his character, Dean Winchester, from the 15-year run of "Supernatural" have shown that they're willing to follow the actor pretty much anywhere. "The Boys" and "Supernatural" creator Eric Kripke counts himself among the actor's legion of admirers. "Jensen is an amazing actor, an even better person, smells like warm chocolate chip cookies, and I consider him a brother," he told Deadline. "As Soldier Boy, the very first Superhero, he'll bring so much humor, pathos, and danger to the role. I can't wait to be on set with him again, and bring a bit of Supernatural to The Boys."

Ackles' role as cowboy hat-wearing Sheriff Beau Arlen in "Big Sky" is a far cry from either Dean Winchester or Soldier Boy, but Ackles' fans have followed him and seem to appreciate the man's considerable range. "Big Sky" viewers now understand what "Supernatural" fans already knew about Jensen Ackles, and in true Ack-o-lyte form, when the writers introduced a seemingly innocent line disparaging Beau's appearance, they brought their outrage to social media.

Jenny tells her mother Beau isn't that cute

In Season 3 Episode 3 of "Big Sky," Jenny (Winnick) and her mother, Virginia (Arquette) enjoy a bonding moment, drinking wine and eating cake. While talking about why Virginia came back, she tells Jenny, "I don't mind face-time with that cute Sheriff, Mm. I like them pretty and young." 

Jenny's reply that "he's not that cute," was met with the kind of fan response usually reserved for Disney live-action casting announcements and the literary stylings of David Benioff and D.B. Weiss. 

@pandasaurus_inc tweeted, "Jenny Hoyt: 'He's not THAT cute.' Me: Do you even have eyeballs, woman?!? ARE THEY OPEN?!?' Ridiculous."

She wasn't the only one. Other fans jumped to Ackles' defense. @Lyconite tweeted "Excuse me?! 'He's not that cute'?! Jenny what is wrong with you LOOK AT THIS TALL DRINK OF WATER!!!" 

Some fans, however, set their blind rage aside long enough to consider whether Jenny doth protest too much. "Those that say that usually are the ones that fall the hardest and deepest at the end," tweeted @AiTsu4ever.

Whether Jenny really is in denial or not remains to be seen, but it's clear that Beau has options, so she better hurry up and come around. With at least 13 or more episodes to go this season, it may be a while before viewers find out who actually gets to have themselves a snack.