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Big Sky Fans Are Completely Creeped Out By Walt's Behavior In Season 3 Episode 3

Contains spoilers for "Big Sky" Season 3, Episodes 1, 2, and 3 — "Do You Love An Apple," "The Woods Are Lovely, Dark and Deep," and "A Brief History of Crime 

Since the opening scene of the Season 3 premiere, "Big Sky” fans have been trying to figure out what Walt's (Seth Gabel) intentions are. He's holding a knife when he approaches backpacker Mark (Zach Tinker) but insists it's for a fallen deer that he had to euthanize. As Mark admires the beauty of the wilderness while standing close to the edge of a cliff, we hear the creepy "Do You Love an Apple" begin playing on a tape recorder. Walt helpfully tells Mark he "might want to watch his step" but keeps moving closer to the scared backpacker until Mark falls off the cliff. But even then, Gabel's acting is so impressive that it's difficult to tell if Walt honestly had ill intentions toward Mark or if Walt is just cognitively impaired and doesn't realize how creepy he's being.

After Walt frantically shows Sunny (Reba McEntire) a mortally wounded Mark, he keeps insisting that he fell. But a brief glance between mother and son says that this isn't the first time someone has "accidentally" died in Walt's presence. We still aren't sure what to make of this child-like man, who likes to whittle wood figurines while staring at a photo of Miley Cyrus. But Episode 3 makes it clear that Walt is a dangerous, troubled man, and fans are creeped out by his escalating behavior.

Walt giving the dead backpacker a present and talking to him creeped out fans

In Season 3, Episode 3 ("A Brief History of Crime"), Sunny pays a visit to Walt to find out if he knows anything about missing camper Paige (Madalyn Horcher). While she doesn't seem convinced when he says he doesn't, she makes it clear that Mark's body needs to be moved far away from the camp. After digging him up, Walt smiles at Mark's corpse, telling him, "I brought you a present," and happily presents the backpacker figurine he was carving. "Everyone leave this precious psycho alone," tweeted @TheGreenCooler. "He just wants to give presents to his new friends!"

As if the scene wasn't creepy enough, Walt places the "present" in Mark's shirt pocket, then drags the body out of the hole. Walt continues grinning while looking back at Mark's dead body in the bed of his truck as if he and his best friend are in the middle of a great conversation. "That's some creepy stuff Walt," tweeted @Fancyreba1 in response to the skin-crawling behavior. "Why are you talking to a dead man?" tweeted @QueenlyDreams

By the end of the episode, it's clear that Walt is a threat, whether purposefully or not. McEntire has warned fans about Sunny Barnes, but whether Walt is Sunny's accomplice — or she's his — still remains to be seen.