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When Will Uncle From Another World Return From Hiatus?

"Uncle From Another World" has required some patience from its fans. The anime series premiered on July 6, but it's found itself hitting multiple delays. These roadblocks have pushed back the eighth episode of the first season. Following the release of the seventh episode in September, it was announced that the next episode was delayed indefinitely due to COVID-related stalls in production, per Anime News Network

The series follows Takafumi (Jun Fukuyama) and his video game-loving uncle (Takehito Koyasu) who wakes up from a coma after 17 years with mysterious abilities. The anime, which is distributed by Netflix, is based on the manga by Hotondoshindeiru. 

"Due to the spread of the new coronavirus infection, broadcasting and distribution from episode 8 onward have been temporarily suspended," a statement on the latest delay read on the show's official site

Fans finally have some news on a potential end to the hiatus for "Uncle From Another World," with new work being teased. If viewers want to catch up on the series, the anime will actually be rebroadcast on channels like Japan's AT-X starting on October 6. The show is also part of Netflix's wide array of anime titles. This will be ahead of a potential premiere date, rumored to be before the end of the year.

Man From Another World could be back in November

The eighth episode of "Uncle From Another World" is expected to air on November 24, via Anime News Network. The Twitter account for the series released a collection of visuals teasing the new episodes, per Twitter

"We apologize to all the viewers who are looking forward to this work, but we ask that you please wait for a while.," the show's account tweeted in regards to COVID infections delaying production. On the show's website, it is claimed that "Uncle From Another World" will be back on a regular distribution schedule at the end of November. It is also noted, however, that there is still the possibility of future changes. 

"Delivery date and time are subject to change. Please note," the website warned. Before the delay after the seventh episode, "Uncle From Another World" also saw its fifth episode pushed back, via Anime News Network.

The "Uncle From Another World" property is still relatively new, with the manga originally being published through the ComicWalker website in June 2018. It has since been published in English by Yen Press in 2021. The anime is directed by "Blue Exorcist: Kyoto Saga" filmmaker Shigeki Kawai.