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The Black Clover Creator Yuki Tabata Has A Hard Time Working On These Characters

"Black Clover" is an all-encompassing show with aspects that even the most casual anime watchers can enjoy. The series has your typical Shonen action scenes, interesting settings, and a compelling plot while still maintaining its excellent character development. It even has its fair share of emotional moments that made some fans cry. In more ways than one, it's a perfect blend of aspects of anime's Big Three — "One Piece," "Naruto," and "Bleach."

The series takes place in a world run by magic, where everyone is born with magical abilities through grimoires. A young boy, Asta, was born without any magic and grows up in an orphanage alongside magic prodigy Yuno Grinberryall. The two form a friendly rivalry, and Yuno receives the rare four-leaf grimoire used by the first Wizard King. Asta eventually gets a grimoire of his own, a mysterious five-leaf book that contains an anti-magic sword. Both boys dream of becoming the Wizard King one day, and their first step is joining a Magic Knights squad. Yuno joins the most prestigious team, the Golden Dawn, while Asta barely makes it into the worst one, the Black Bulls. The series follows both boys as they grow in strength, meet various characters, and fight against evil elves and devils threatening the Clover Kingdom.

Fans of "Black Clover" should know that there's a heavy emphasis on character development throughout the show. And given the complexity of its characters, one can only imagine how hard it is to draw them for the show as well as its manga equivalent. With that in mind, "Black Clover" creator Yuki Tabata has since gone on record to reveal which characters he had the most challenging time drawing.

Depending on the situation, Yuno and Fanzell gave Tabata the most trouble

Volume 16 of the "Black Clover" manga included a quick but extensive Q&A session with creator Yuki Tabata. The questionnaire was 96 questions long and asked Tabata all kinds of things, including personal information and Black Clover-related queries. 

One question, in particular, asked Tabata what characters he had the most difficulty drawing, and he had two different responses. In terms of just drawing, Fanzell Kruger proved the most challenging for Tabata. Fans will remember Fanzell as the red-haired former Diamond Kingdom general who now lives as a hermit. He teaches Asta how to fight properly using his sword and later helps the Black Bulls infiltrate the Witch Queen's forest to remove the curse from Asta's arms. It's interesting that Fanzell was the hardest to draw, as the character doesn't really have any distinct features. Many characters in "Black Clover," like Licht and Lucifero, have more complicated designs that you would think would give Tabata more trouble, but apparently not. 

The other answer Tabata had for the question was Yuno. Tabata said that Yuno was the hardest character to draw in terms of conveying emotion. This response makes perfect sense, given Yuno's distinct stoic and emotionless personality. The character relies heavily on his eyes to express many of his feelings, which understandably seems like a complex feature to draw. And with Yuno being one of the two main characters, Tabata has spent a lot of time perfecting his drawings.

On the opposite note, Tabata said that Henry Legolant was the most straightforward character to draw while Asta was the simplest to convey emotions. Both of these make perfect sense, as Henry's hair usually covers his face, while Asta is the most physically expressive character in the series.