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Black Clover Fans Can't Get Enough Of This Big Character Arc

A world full of magic, political intrigue, and dynamic interpersonal relationships that grow and adapt as the story progresses are hallmarks of the popular anime series "Black Clover." Following a young boy known as Asta (Gakuto Kajiwara) who is born without a hint of magic in a region where everybody has some kind of access to arcane abilities, "Black Clover" is based on the manga of the same name by Yūki Tabata. With around 170 episodes so far (via IMDb), there has been plenty of time to see Asta and his compatriots grow over several major story arcs.

Although Asta is born without any magic and must instead train his physical body, his friends and adversaries make up a diverse cast. As mentioned earlier, most people in the world of "Black Clover" are some kind of magic user, but there are also devils and demons that lurk about. They often form the primary antagonists of the individual arcs, or at least the ones that are pulling the strings behind the scenes. Considering that fans have seen Asta and other characters in "Black Clover" overcome some of their greatest weakness and flaws, while others have been consumed by them, which particular character arc rings the truest with die-hard followers of the show?

Fans love the Asta and Liebe connection

Coming together on Reddit to talk about the most recent final episode of Season 4, fans consistently brought up one character arc that seemed to play on everybody's heartstrings. Season 4's last episode sees Asta face off with the devil known as Liebe (Nobuhiko Okamoto), a powerful entity that's located in Asta's book of magic, but he's originally part of his mother's book. Eventually, it's revealed that Asta's mother knew Liebe — and actually named him — and in a way, both Asta and Liebe are adoptive brothers. It's this interaction that truly delighted fans, because it shows that both Asta and Liebe are capable of learning and forgiveness, with the two forming a rather unique friendship by the end of the final episode.

Reddit user u/yiendubuu said of the Asta/Liebe arc, "Liebe became one of my favorite characters so quickly it's crazy. Gotta admit, using Haruka Mirai as the OST for Liebe and Asta's fight hit me right in the feels. It had me remembering Asta's whole journey, and the little recap they showed didn't help either. Asta has grown so much, and his constant positivity is one of my favorite traits of his." U/YamisToilet also agreed, and added, "The episode started with Liebe's backstory and ended on him essentially finding Licita again, in Asta. Amazing ending to this part of the story. I can't think of a better way to end it on." Reddit user u/soul-nugget made a clever observation and noted that the name Liebe is actually German for "love," and that Asta means "star-like," which could also be considered a variation of love. 

Ultimately, it seems that fans thoroughly enjoyed this slow burn of a character arc in "Black Clover," which brings two enemies together and makes them partners.