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The Black Clover Season 2 Moment That Had Fans In Tears

Every anime has its ups and downs. Regardless of the story being told, there will be times where the show succeeds at exciting and uplifting its audience, just like there are times where it succeeds at making them sad or angry. Despite how much we may enjoy the former, however, it often seems that it is the latter moments, the ones that make us cry out of sadness or gasp in horror, that stick with us the most. Upsetting scenes, such as the massacre of Sasuke's clan in "Naruto," have a much greater impact than positive ones like Naruto's victory against Pain later in the series.

This is certainly the case when it comes to "Black Clover." Despite being a generally optimistic shonen anime like "Naruto," it's fair to say that the show's lowest moments are also its most memorable. In particular, there is one moment from "Black Clover" Season 2 that had fans in tears.

Fans mourn the death of the Wizard Emperor

The Wizard Emperor is a title of significant importance when it comes to "Black Clover." In many ways, the series surrounds the title, as Asta makes it his life's goal to one day attain the position even if he cannot use magic in the traditional way. As the leader of the Clover Kingdom's Magic Knights, the Magic Emperor is generally considered one of the most powerful forces for good that exists in the world. This stands as only part of the reason that fans on Reddit were weeping when the current Magic Emperor, Julius Novachrono, dies battling Licht during Episode 93 of the series.

"I saw the Wizard [Emperor] die at the end of Episode 93 And I just started to bawl my eyes out," wrote the original poster of the Reddit thread. "PLEASE TELL ME HE COMES BACK."

"Bro really was the most powerful dude and just died," wrote u/MasterPenguin_. "Like if he was so powerful, he should have brought himself back. RIP the wizard king."

While this moment is indeed sad, as fans watch one of the series' best and brightest get cut down protecting thousands of innocents, there is one major silver lining to it. Julius is indeed powerful enough to resurrect himself and does just that in the very next episode. Nevertheless, while the tragedy of Julius' death was short-lived, it was an impactful one worth remembering, and a harrowing cliff-hanger to endure.