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The Entire Bee And PuppyCat Timeline Explained

On the surface, "Bee and PuppyCat" may seem like an adorable animated series for children. It is indeed adorable, but — though not entirely inappropriate for younger audiences — the show is full of deeper meanings and is rich in lore that makes it an intriguing watch for adults. 

Created by Natasha Allegri, whose credits include "Adventure Time," the series first aired on the YouTube channel Cartoon Hangover in 2013 as a two-part pilot. Allegri then managed to raise $​​872,133 through Kickstarter donations to make the original series — an achievement that made her the most successful female filmmaker on the site in 2014 (via Vulture). In 2022, Netflix aired a rebooted Season 1 with the first three episodes providing a retelling of the original season of "Bee and PuppyCat."

The premise of "Bee and PuppyCat" is fairly simple; a young woman named Bee (Allyn Rachel) is fired from her job when she meets a mysterious creature who is part cat, part dog — thus earning him the name PuppyCat. PuppyCat has an electronic sing-song voice and speaks in a strange language, but Bee doesn't seem to have any trouble understanding him. The two team up to take on temp jobs in space, visiting strange and marvelous worlds and making new friends (and enemies) along the way.

The surrealism of the series is one of its biggest draws, along with deep and complex lore that might be a bit hard to follow. To help understand the rich and complicated aspects of "Bee and PuppyCat," we've put together a timeline that might shed some light on the series and its characters. Here are the events for "Bee and PuppyCat." 

The boy who would be PuppyCat

Long before he was the adorable and sassy fluffball we came to know and love, PuppyCat was once a human. So far, the writers have kept his original name a secret. The pilot episode for "Bee and PuppyCat" tells the story of how he was transformed into his current state, but we'll get to that in a bit.

The episode "Funny Lying" fills in a few of the gaps surrounding PuppyCat's origins. At a young age, the human PuppyCat attends school with his friend, Violet, on an unknown planet. When the young boy is verbally abused by the teacher who then steals his favorite toy, Violet stands up for her friend by beating up the teacher and fleeing the classroom with him. She also snags a box of confiscated items from the teacher's desk, which holds a treasure trove of knick-knacks.

Violet convinces the boy to run away with her. The boy then finds a ring inside the box and puts it on, which is when a remarkable thing happens. The ring, imbued with magic, gives him a heroic costume, complete with a billowing cape. His favorite toy, a spinning top, then grows to massive size and turns into a spaceship. He and Violet board the ship, beginning a new era of strange adventures. From then on, the nameless boy becomes Space Outlaw, and Violet acts as his co-pilot.

Team PuppyCat, candy hunters extraordinaire

What's a young Space Outlaw to do after running away from home and acquiring a magical spaceship? Become a candy hunter, of course! Years after they left home as kids, we see Violet (Jennifer Tilly) and Space Outlaw (Steve Blum) all grown up in "Bee and PuppyCat: Lazy in Space" Episode 8, "Funny Lying." Together, they have made a lucrative career of scouring the universe for sugary treasures. Team PuppyCat, as the adventurers call themselves, appear to be the best hunters in the business, and it's all thanks to the aid of a baby genius in their group. While we don't know the talented toddler inventor's name, his appearance and skills may feel familiar.

Along with being a roguish hunter, Space Outlaw also captains the ship (although ownership of the vessel is debatable between him and Violet). In "Funny Lying," we get to see a sample of their adventures. Soaring down through space toward a new planet, Space Outlaw and Violet make use of a new invention that resembles a handheld cannon. After blasting their way onto the planet's surface and fighting the monsters there, they come away with an impressive haul of star-shaped candies. Violet later showers praise on their younger companion for his marvelous inventions, crediting him for their success.

This brief glimpse of PuppyCat's former life paints a romantic picture of excitement and adventure. However, the good times -– as they so often do –- soon come to an end.

Bee's dad was a baby genius

In "Bee and PuppyCat," much of Bee's origins are a mystery. One of the biggest riddles surrounds Bee's father, a genius inventor who gave Bee her cybernetic abilities. He also gave Bee a device which she has dubbed the Dad Box, which plays a song and delivers candy for her on her birthday. Though her dad is no longer around, he has been working on inventions for –- quite literally -– all of his life.

Though we don't know his name, we do know that Bee's father was once a member of Team PuppyCat, joining Space Outlaw and Violet on their candy-hunting escapades. It was his inventions that gave the group their edge and placed them high above the rest of the other hunters. He was also a baby at the time, making his exploits even more impressive.

In "Funny Lying," Bee's father, as a child, is experimenting with one of the candies that the group recently acquired. Using his toy hammer, he breaks the star-shaped candy in half, revealing the swirling energy inside. This scene is not only a foreshadowing of his future birthday gift to Bee but perhaps also the beginning of his greatest achievement — creating life itself.

A tragic love story

"Once upon a time, there was a Space Outlaw who fell in love with the Space King's daughter." This is the beginning of a fairy tale that PuppyCat tells to soothe an unhappy baby in the pilot episode of "Bee and PuppyCat." As it turns out, it isn't just a fairy tale but PuppyCat's life story.

At some point during his candy hunter days, Space Outlaw meets a Space Princess and the two fall in love. The princess' father, the Space King, is not happy about their union, and so Space Outlaw convinces his true love to run away with him. However, according to PuppyCat, Space Outlaw is betrayed by his beloved, and instead of finding her at a secret rendezvous, he is ambushed by dark warlocks who work for the king. The warlocks then transform Space Outlaw into PuppyCat. Luckily, PuppyCat manages to escape their clutches, and he has been on the run ever since. PuppyCat manages to stay afloat by taking on various jobs for the Space Temporary Agency.

Of course, the story is told according to PuppyCat's recollection of events, so it's possible that he may have embellished a few details. It's also likely that there are other factors at work that PuppyCat doesn't know about. When the baby that PuppyCat and Bee are sitting for turns into a monster from PuppyCat's past, it accuses PuppyCat of changing the narrative to make himself look like the hero. Hopefully, the full story will be revealed in future episodes of "Bee and PuppyCat" if Netflix gives the green light for Season 2.

Bee's dad goes missing

One of the many unanswered questions in "Bee and PuppyCat" includes the disappearance of Bee's father. Key details are missing from the narrative, but we do know a few things. Sometime after PuppyCat was transformed into his furry form, he met up with his old inventor friend from their candy hunter days. Now all grown up, the brilliant engineer has become a father to a little girl — Bee.

In a flashback seen in the rebooted Episode 1, PuppyCat babysits Bee for his old friend -– though he doesn't seem too thrilled with the task. Baby Bee is full of energy and mischief, and it's clear she also has a fondness for her fluffy guardian. While young Bee and PuppyCat are playing at the beach, Bee's father shows up and thanks PuppyCat for watching her before PuppyCat disappears to take on another space temp job.

Sometime after this reunion, Bee's dad went missing, although we don't know exactly when or why. Before he vanished, the inventor made great strides in his technological achievements. It is unclear whether Bee is the biological offspring of the inventor enhanced with cybernetic materials or if she is an artificially intelligent creation. 

Either way, the relationship between Bee and the inventor is that of a father and daughter. He even made an arcade on the island so that Bee would have a place to entertain herself — and possibly learn about the ways of the world. He also made the "Dad Box," so it seems that he knew he would be leaving her and wanted to give her something to remember him in his absence.

Violet and Cardamon

So we know something about what happened to Space Outlaw and the young engineer, but what about Violet? After all, she was a big part of PuppyCat's school days and a fellow candy hunter. Where did she go after Space Outlaw was turned into PuppyCat?

In Episode 2 of the rebooted "Bee and PuppyCat" series we meet Cardamon (Alexander James Rodriguez), Bee's child landlord. After he fixes Bee's overflowing toilet, he returns home with his dog pal, Sticky. He then prepares a plate of candies and goes into his mother's bedroom, where we see a lovely woman with long, purple hair asleep in the bed, attached to wires and medical equipment. Cardamon then curls up next to her and goes to sleep.

In the show's final episode, it is revealed that Cardamon's mother is none other than Violet. We can't say when she had Cardamon, but it's possible that it happened during her days as a candy hunter. It appears that after the disappearance of Bee's father, Violet opted to put herself in a coma until his return. This raises many questions: Who is Cardamon's father? Why did Violet choose this course of action, and why is she waiting for Bee's dad? Could Bee and Cardamon be closer than they realize? The staggering number of possibilities is enough to make our heads spin. 

PuppyCat and Bee meet

At last, we come to the events of the beginning of "Bee and PuppyCat" Episode 1. Now in her 20s, Bee lives alone and works at a cat cafe with her friend, Deckard (Kent Osborne), which is owned by Deckard's brother, Howell (Kumail Nanjiani). Deckard is a talented chef, though his skills fall short when it comes to baking. When one of his creations causes a fire in the cafe's kitchen, Bee rushes in to help put it out. Unfortunately, the chaos has scared all the customers away, and upon seeing the damage Howell abruptly hands Bee a pink slip. Bee decides not to tell Deckard that she has taken the blame for the mishap and leaves the cafe.

On her way home, while standing in the rain at a crosswalk, a beam of light shines overhead and a strange creature appears, falling unconscious on the ground before her. Unable to tell if it is a dog or a cat, Bee brings him home to nurse him back to health.

The next day, Bee goes to a temp agency where an agent informs her that her frequent firings have made her unemployable. When PuppyCat learns that Bee is low on funds, he quickly transports the two of them to the Temp Space Agency. There they meet TempBot, a giant screen with a friendly face that offers the two of them a temp job. Thus begins a new adventure for Bee with her new partner, PuppyCat.

Adventures in space

Embarking on a strange new journey together, Bee and PuppyCat take on some of the universe's most unique jobs for the Space Temp Agency. Their first has them running for their lives when a babysitting job goes awry, and Bee uses her mighty chompers to save PuppyCat from a monster's giant tongue.

Bee and PuppyCat take on many temp jobs to keep them busy. There's Cat Bath Planet where Bee is wined and dined like a prized pet, Snow Globe Planet where a music box needs repairing, and Jelly Cube planet where a carnivorous cherry gives them trouble. Though these various jobs are summed up in a montage in Episode 2 of Netflix's "Bee and PuppyCat," fans can see the episodic versions in the original Cartoon Hangover series on YouTube.

During each of their adventures, the pair are followed by ominous black hands that track their every move. Each time, they manage to narrowly escape their pursuers — but it isn't long before the determined appendages catch up with them.

Attack of the warlocks

In Episode 3 of "Bee and PuppyCat," Bee accidentally transports herself and Deckard to the Space Temp Agency. TempBot promptly assigns them a job assisting a chef named Moully (Liam J. MacKay) with making wish donuts. The donuts are delivered through a giant vacuous black hole, however, much to their surprise, several long black arms and hands suddenly reach out of the hole and begin to destroy the planet. Luckily, Bee uses her cybernetic enhancements to rescue Deckard from harm and stave off the attack. However, Moully ends up becoming a casualty of the chaos when he is sucked into the black hole.

Episode 9, "My Favorite," finally reveals the source of the strange black hands. A group of beings with white bodies and black faces stands around a dark pool, their long arms plunging into the pool's depths. Each of them emits a liquid of rainbow colors that trails behind them, and each also appears to have a color assigned to them. These creatures are the warlocks, the very same that have been hunting PuppyCat since his initial transformation.

It's apparent that they are becoming increasingly frustrated at their lack of progress and endless watch. Whether they are still working for the Space King or were hired by another party is a mystery, but what is clear is that they don't intend on giving up until they find their quarry. 

The final battle

The last episode of Netflix's "Bee and PuppyCat," "I Won't Leave You Alone," manages to answer some questions while raising many more. After helping Bee to clear away the tear bubbles in Cardamon's home, Moully is captured by the warlocks shortly after. Recognizing him from their previous encounter, the warlocks decide to use Moully to find PuppyCat. Reaching into Moully with their long arms, they manipulate his body like a puppet and get to work.

Back on the island, PuppyCat and Bee are deep underwater working to get PuppyCat's sunken spaceship up and running. As they return home to get more equipment, they see Moully — under the warlock's influence — walking in the ocean just off the island's shore. Bee rushes to his aid, using her robotic strength to fight off the warlock's hands.

Amidst the chaos of storms, battles, and shocking twists, the episode ends on a bittersweet note. After Bee has been torn apart by the corrupted Mouly, her body releases the sentient components that live inside her. These components then finish off Moully and take on Bee's likeness using wish crystals. The beings bring Bee's body to the island's shore, where PuppyCat uses his magic ring to reboot her system. 

Meanwhile, Violet has also awakened. She quickly takes charge of the situation, instructing PuppyCat to take control of the island spaceship, and tells the inhabitants either to vacate or tie themselves down. As the ship rises and takes off into space, both Violet and Cardamon return to their sleep states, and Bee gives a small smile.