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The One Chicago Character You Are Based On Your Zodiac Sign

The "One Chicago" franchise is full of tales pulled from myth and legend –- AKA the streets of the Windy City. "Chicago Fire" follows a ragtag crew of firefighters as they put out blazes in front of the city's iconic skyline, and start their own fair share in each other's hearts. "Chicago Med" features a cast of medical professionals who stop at nothing to save the day, and "Chicago PD" shares the misadventures of a tight-knit police force that's high on drama and low on following protocol.

Created by Derek Haas, Michael Brandt, and Dick Wolf of "Law & Order" fame, the "One Chicago" shows have been a wildly successful midwestern expansion of Wolf's procedural-with-heart formula. Every series in the connected universe has at least one thing in common in addition to their titular city and the odd crossover episode –- they're consistently some of the most-watched series on TV.

These doctors, firefighters, and law enforcement officers work together -– and against the odds -– to aid their fair city day in and day out. We may see them on TV every week, but can we see ourselves in these faulty stars? Pull up the nearest Molly's barstool and read on to discover the "One Chicago" character you are based on your zodiac sign.

Aries: Kelly Severide

As Firehouse 51's shift lieutenant, Kelly Severide is the embodiment of "squad goals." He courageously leads his "Chicago Fire" team, both into battle and into Molly's Bar for after-shift drinks. Charismatic and confident, he handles the heat by taking decisive action. He keeps a mostly cool head, but if something (or someone) rubs him the wrong way, Severide's temper flares hotter than a four-alarm fire.

You might be getting hot under the collar thinking about the similarities between you and Rescue Squad 3's fearless leader. That's because you and Severide both exhibit the assertive traits of Aries (March 21 to April 19), the first fire sign of the zodiac. Like all Aries, you have the skills to back yourselves up, whether using a metal textbook spine to jumpstart a backhoe and save a child, causing an explosion to save your buddies from drowning, or simply doing some light parkour.

You and Severide also stand up for what's right and run your mouth against whoever's wrong, whether it's a cruel boss like Ray Riddle, a friend you disagree with like Matt Casey, or even yourself. Severide pulls a true Aries move when he tells Stella Kidd he's not good enough for her, but that he is going to be. Just like him, your Aries spirit is both a lover and a (fire)fighter.

Taurus: Chief Wallace Boden

Chief Wallace Boden is a hero among his "Chicago Fire" team members — the strong father figure most of them never had before. He's a man of depth and compassion, but don't mistake his kindness for weakness. Boden might have time to mentor young arsonists out of a life of crime, but he has no time for egos. Boden is tough but fair and provides his crew stability and integrity, whether he's battling a blaze or judging Firehouse 51's annual chili cook-off. Plus, he gives good hugs.

This blend of nurturing and no-nonsense energy aligns Chief Boden with the earth sign Taurus (April 20 to May 20) traits. Like Chief, Taureans are driven to cultivate a sense of family with friends and co-workers. Maybe like Chief, you "dad" out and lovingly question a co-worker's dating choices. Maybe a friend asks you to give them away at their wedding. Maybe, in essential Boden fashion, someone utters last words to you in a language you don't know, so you look up their meaning and deliver them at a touching memorial service.

Chief Boden's best storyline reads like a how-to-Taurus manual. Those who bear the sign of the bull are trustworthy and tenacious, and you and Boden do all you can to build and sustain a sense of family in your own little corner of the world. This ability to build community is the way of the Taurus, and Chicago (and the world) is better for it.

Gemini: Kevin Atwater

Officer Kevin Atwater is the social butterfly of "Chicago PD," but he can also sting like a bee. Atwater is able to flex in and out of conversations with low-level criminals and high-key haters with speed and agility. Whether working undercover or playing hardball with crooked cops, He's a versatile communicator driven by a desire for justice.

The ability to communicate with everyone is a hallmark of Gemini (May 22 to June 21), and if you wear the air sign, you have much in common with Kevin Atwater. Your curiosity makes you a good fit for undercover work, and your charisma makes you a good match for anyone you partner with. Your flexible and social nature means you can easily enjoy a long-term professional partnership with someone like Officer Burgess, or a mutual bromance like the one between Atwater and Officer Ruzek. And your charm and patience help you to endure love/hate co-worker clashes like the one between Atwater and Desk Sergeant Trudy Platt.

The Gemini energy you and Atwater share means you use the full dynamic range of your personality both on and off duty. Like Atwater, Geminis use humor and their own innate cool factor to connect with others and get through tough situations. You may know the feeling of your cover being blown, and you've had to adjust your energy to get the results you need. It's essential Atwater –- and essential Gemini –- to roll with the punches, and to keep on changing.

Cancer: Trudy Platt

Desk Sergeant Trudy Platt cares deeply for her team, at least when she isn't ripping into them. Platt runs the "Chicago PD" show over at District 21, and she's anything but your average desk jockey. With an unreadable face and a sarcastic tongue, Platt has the power to make both top detectives and lowly officers quake in their boots. She also sometimes saves her co-workers' skin when she isn't busy making them take horribly unflattering ID photos.

Like the Cancer (June 21 to July 22) sign she embodies, Platt shows her love with supportive actions –- and the click of her claws. Those who embody the sign of the crab often get snappy to protect themselves, and also to keep everyone around them in line. Platt is the character who the other cast members are perpetually terrified of ticking off. If you mess with the bull, you're gonna get the horns. But if you mess with the crab, you're going to get pinched –- over and over again.

You may be giving a terse nod of recognition at Platt's major Cancer vibes, but remember, Cancer alignments put the "love" in "tough love," like when Platt takes a break from her reign of terror and covers for Burgess. Like all who bear the water sign, she has a hard time letting others see her soft center. But when this den mother crab is inspired to come out of her shell, she bonds for life.

Leo: Brian Otis Zvonecek

Lovable, loud, and nicknamed after an elevator manufacturer, Brian "Otis" Zvonecek lights up Firehouse 51 with his sunny energy. Otis does what he loves the biggest and brightest that he can, whether he's driving Truck 81, squabbling with Cruz, co-owning Molly's bar, saving people from an elevator, or playing a beloved game of Settlers of Catan with someone he has a crush on.

Otis is a bastion of true Leo (July 23 to August 22) energy. His character embodies the warm, funny, and vivacious nature possessed by those who bear the sign of the lion. Like any Leo, Otis loves a good time as much as gold stars for a job well done. Leos get a bad rap for wanting the glory without putting the work in to make the gains, but they don't get enough credit for the endless, infectious enthusiasm they have for their wild pursuits. Your Leo vibes are why you and Otis are the type to host a podcast or open for the Chicago Blackhawks, while others are content to cheer you on from the sidelines.

Sadly, Otis' life is cut short by a deadly mattress factory fire. Just like a true Leo, he never shied away from the spotlight, or from doing something heroic to deserve it.

Virgo: Dr. Crockett Marcel

Dr. Crockett Marcel has a brilliant mind and the current record as the most head-butted doctor on "Chicago Med." His outward talents and inner demons earn him a reputation for being a cocky rulebreaker when really, he's just a cocky workhorse. In a sea of arrogant doctors, Marcel is an arrogant doctor with a heart of gold.

Marcel embodies the traits of the earth sign Virgo (August 23 to September 22.) Meticulous and motivated by a desire to first do no harm and second do a lot of high-risk medical heroism, Marcel helps everyone he can and looks good doing it. Virgos have a high capacity for excellence and a self-imposed mandate to save the world. Those blessed and cursed with Virgo energy like Marcel know that with enough hard work and the right technique, they can get the win.

Perfectionist pressure should be familiar to those who bear the sign of the maiden. While Marcel's powerful practicality brings order to Gaffney's chaos, his single-mindedness can also create plenty on its own. Virgos are often so focused on doing good that they lose sight of being well. It would serve all Virgos -– and Marcel -– to take a night off from saving the world in order to save a bit of their sanity. Self-care and half-price apps at Molly's might be just what the doctor ordered.

Libra: Joe Cruz

Sweet, strong, and sassy Joe Cruz's powers of balance help keep his "Chicago Fire" crew copacetic. Whether he's on squad 3 or driving Truck 81, Cruz knows teamwork makes the dream work, and his dream is to do good while having a good time.

Cruz's pleasant persona and strong social skills might make him look like he just wants to sit around and play cards. That's because those with strong Libra (September 23 to October 22) energy like Cruz are often misjudged as merely being chatty, despite the fact that they strengthen the social fabric of any team they're on. Whether leading a Zumba class in Cruz's best storyline on "Chicago Fire" or a group of new recruits going to fix a damaged drone, he does the most to make sure his team is doing the least to antagonize each other. Cruz always works to balance the group, and in turn, the team shows up for him, like when they support his Slamigan invention.

As the embodiment of Libra's scale-balancing vibes, Cruz displays diplomacy that knows no bounds. However, if you're a Libra, it wouldn't burn you (or your crew) to set a few more boundaries to create more balance for yourself. You're no good to anyone if you crash into another house's fire truck. You deserve the same support you provide to so many others, and maybe a gossipy game of cards too.

Scorpio: Will Halstead

Dr. Will Halstead is deeply passionate and driven to provide the best possible care to his Gaffney Chicago Medical Center patients, regardless of whether or not they or his medical team like it. Halstead gets a reputation for being a hothead, and not just for his fiery red hair. He isn't afraid to do things his own way if it means the difference between life and death.

Halstead is impulsive and ruled by his passion. In other words, he's the "Chicago Med" embodiment of a Scorpio (October 23 to November 21.) Those with Scorpio energy are normally strategic thinkers, 10 steps ahead in the chess game of life. However, they're also willing to act on instinct when a patient's chips are down. As a Scorpio, will you yank a nitrogen tank out of a nurse's hands to save your own patient? Sure, if you're out of options. Will you say something regrettable after you do? You can count on it.

Scorpios don't pop off to feed their own egos, though. The worst things the Halstead brothers ever did in the "One Chicago" franchise were all done for what they felt were the right reasons. Like most Scorpios, Will Halstead is driven to get to the heart of all matters, even if his journey to the truth sometimes takes him to dark places.

Sagittarius: Maggie Lockwood

Maggie Lockwood is Heaven-sent, but Hell hath no fury like her when she's crossed. Salt of the earth and good to the bone, she keeps her heart and her unit running, no matter the hardships. She isn't afraid to stand up for what's right, regardless of who she's standing up to. Patients, police, hot doctors -– all of them are mere obstacles in Lockwood's rearview when she has her eyes on the prize.

The ultimate "prize" for Maggie and others who embody pure Sagittarius (November 22 to December 21) energy is connection and adventure. Whether providing excellent care to her patients or seeking the next emotional journey to take, Maggie and those like her are authentic and optimistic. If you're a Sagittarius, you likely see reflections of your archer sign in Maggie. Whether she's offering a patient her own kidney or trying to adopt a young patient in need, Maggie is always enthusiastic about doing good.

The other side of the Sagittarius do-goodery, of course, is doing too much. This can burn Sagittarians out and cause friction with friends. Bluntness and restlessness are hallmarks of the fire sign as much as warmth and wisdom are. Take a cue from Maggie and apologize the next time you get snappy with a co-worker. Then start training them so you can go wandering when you hear adventure call.

Capricorn: Dr. Dean Archer

Dr. Dean Archer is an excellent physician and a force to be reckoned with. He's in it to win it, with "it" being every medical case that crosses his path. Archer doesn't suffer fools –- or his own emotions –- gladly. "Chicago Med" is home to many passionate doctors, but Dr. Archer prides himself on operating from a place of cool, calm, and (in his mind) superior logic.

Archer's reputation means more to him than his coworkers' feelings. He embodies the dedication to excellence that all Capricorns (December 21 to January 20) share. Archer is the GOAT of Gaffney's medical team, but, just like those who bear the sign of the goat, he often butts heads with those around him — especially when he disagrees on treatment.

However, like all Capricorns, Archer is also capable of genuine connection with others, like when he meets a patient on their level to help them choose to opt for surgery. While it's the Capricorn way to be relentless in pursuit of a goal, it's just as much a hallmark of the earth sign to relate to others in a grounded, sensitive way. In true Capricorn fashion, Archer holds himself and his team to unforgiving standards. He could stand to relax some of them, sometimes, to be more of a team player instead of an army of one.

Aquarius: Stella Kidd

Stella Kidd is Firehouse 51's resident progressive thinker. She takes a unique and sometimes radical approach to the problems she sees in the world. Not one to stick to a tidy path to success, she's driven by a strong desire to do better and live harder, always. Her rebellious spirit helps her start the Girls on Fire program, get promoted to lieutenant, lock down Severide, name at least one cocktail after herself, and blaze her own trail through Chicago.

Stella embodies the cosmically rogue spirit of Aquarius (January 21 to February 18). She thinks fast, and thinks big. That's because all Aquarians are creatively motivated to serve the greater good and their own whims in equal measure. This leads those with water-bearer energy on a rollercoaster ride through life. Just like Stella's journey, your Aquarian life's highs are high, the lows are low, and the bars you may find yourself managing are the best in the Midwest for as long as you're in charge.

However, just because the life of an Aquarius is free from boredom doesn't mean it's free from trouble. Like Stella, you have a tendency to flirt with danger. Sometimes, in the case of Kelly Severide, danger flirts back. Other times, you find yourself being "a lifeline for a drowning man." It's up to all Aquarians to decide how much heat they can handle before they get burned.

Pisces: Kim Burgess

Officer Kim Burgess feels everything deeply. Her profound sensitivity makes her one "Chicago PD" character fans can't help but love. In a field often ruled by harsh and hasty decisions, Burgess urges herself and others to process the emotional impact of life in Chicago, all while rolling with the many changes the city has in store for her. Burgess' fluidity and empathy make her a good partner, as well as an easy target for tougher customers like Desk Sergeant Trudy Platt.

Burgess is guided by her intuition in all things, which makes her the perfect embodiment of Pisces (February 19 to March 20). Those with Pisces energy draw from a deep well of compassion, whether paying for a shoplifter's groceries, making big life decisions like Burgess does with Makayla's adoption, or getting into a sticky situationship like the one between Burgess and Ruzek. If you're a Pisces, your creativity and compassion serve you well, but both can cause you to overlook danger –- or, in the case of Burgess, a kid being held hostage in a hoarder's basement.

Like Kim, your empathy grants you and those under Pisces' stars a unique perspective on humanity and an endless desire to further understand it. Burgess is always searching for answers that will grant her peace. Often, those blessed with Pisces energy just end up finding new questions to ask instead of answers, but that which suits their creative, innovative, and empathic natures just fine.