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What Only Hardcore Simpsons Fans Know About Kang And Kodos' Relationship

"The Simpsons" may be best known for portraying everyday life with a trademark satirical edge. Still, there are plenty of times when the long-running primetime animated series embraces the fantastical elements that only animation can make happen. Amongst the most outlandish additions to "The Simpsons" are the reoccurring alien characters Kang (Harry Shearer) and Kodos (Dan Castellaneta). First seen in Season 2's "Treehouse of Horror" special – a "Simpsons" Halloween tradition — Kang and Kodos hail from the fictional planet Rigel VII, where they craft sinister plans to take over Earth. The aliens, characterized by their octopus-like tentacles, green skin, and never-ending drooling, sport a charming blend of a classic science fiction appearance with the show's distinct humorous touch. 

In addition to their appearances in every "Treehouse of Horror" special, Kang and Kodos can be seen in other portions of "Simpsons" media as well, including several video games such as "The Simpsons Road Rage" and "The Simpsons Hit & Run." They also have their very own ride at Universal Studios Florida called Kang & Kodos' Twirl 'n' Hurl. 

It doesn't take a lot for old and new fans to love Kang and Kodos in all their slobbery, villainous glory. However, those less familiar with the characters might be surprised by an aspect of their relationship that has only come into light more recently, as confirmed by a key "Simpsons" creator. 

Kang and Kodos are a lesbian couple

The gender of Kang and Kodos has been questioned numerous times, with Kodos often referred to as Kang's sister, though they have also been referred to as male on occasion. However, in the Season 26 special "Simpsorama" that sees "The Simpsons" meet the cast of "Futurama," a significant reveal implies a new layer to the duo's relationship. At the end of the episode, Kang and Kudos land on the "Futurama" planet Omicron Persei 8 to have dinner with Emperor Lrr (voiced by Maurice LaMarche) and his queen Ndnd (Tress MacNeille). When the two, whose last names are Johnson, land on the planet, Lrr asks for the female member of the duo to comfort his distraught wife. Both Kang and Kodos follow Ndnd, meaning both identify as female. 

"Simpsons" executive producer Al Jean would explain further to Entertainment Weekly. "We've implied androgyny, we've implied that one might be a woman — we never said that both were, but why not? Who knows?" he says. "People are asking: is this episode canon? ... Yeah, sure, they're Kang and Kodos Johnson. They're a gay female couple in their species. They seemed to be married." Whether "Simpsorama" is canon or not, it's gratifying to know that the show's creators are embracing such fluid ideas of identity and orientation for their characters.