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The Amusing Young Sheldon Scene Ian Armitage Declares His Favorite

Iain Armitage was born to play Sheldon. In fact, his audition for the role on "Young Sheldon" involved a very long and detailed monologue that was never used on the show (via The Paley Center for Media). "It was jaw-dropping. It was really difficult material," Jim Parsons explained at PaleyFest LA 2018. "It was just to do trial by fire. If he can't do this, well, you can't trust him." The monologue even required Armitage to do an impression of William Shatner, which he surprisingly nailed.

In an interview with BUILD Series, Armitage explained that he perfected the role by working directly with Jim Parsons. "I worked with him a bit on [the voice] ... but then we also worked on Sheldon's mannerisms and little things." But what scene does the "Young Sheldon" star declare his favorite? Like his casting, the answer is pretty perfect — and more than a little heartwarming.

He loved the video game episode

In an interview with TBS, Iain Armitage declared that his favorite scene in "Young Sheldon" is Connie (Annie Potts) and Sheldon playing a video game. "I think it's just hilarious and wonderful," Armitage said. "And I love acting like a typical kid with my meemaw, and I think it's just a really fun episode." The scene he's referring to is in the Season 2 episode "An 8-Bit Princess and a Flat Tire Genius," in which Sheldon and his grandmother, Connie, start playing a video game together and find themselves unable to put down the controller, with Connie even playing it late into the night or taking Sheldon out of school so that they can play it together.

IMDb users seem to agree with Armitage about loving this episode because it currently holds an 8/10 rating. Fans in the subreddit r/YoungSheldon were similarly impressed with the episode. "I think this is the firat [sic] time I saw a genuine smile from Sheldon," wrote u/SoFloChick, referring to a scene in the episode when Connie tickles him. "Exactly this," wrote u/WirelesslyWired. "Since Sheldon doesn't like to be touched, would young Sheldon really enjoy a tickle? Probably only if it came from [his] meemaw. Annie Potts is perfect, Iain Armitage nailed it, and that scene is a gem." Of course, a lot of discussion about the episode turned to speculation on what video game system they appear to be playing on or the subplot in which Georgie gets a job as a mechanic, but fans seem to think that Connie and Sheldon make a great pair in this episode.