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This Deadpool 3 Fan Art Poster Is Pure Chaos

Deadpool is finally getting that long-awaited third film — it just might take a while as Ryan Reynolds hit social media to announce that "Deadpool 3"' would be getting a 2024 release. The humorous video featured Reynolds trying to come up with his character's next adventure. Luckily, he had some help with the arrival of Hugh Jackman; the actor surprised many with his return as Wolverine.

Fans were sent into a frenzy by the latter revelation. The biggest questions revolve around how Jackman fits into the MCU. After all, his character's fate was sealed in James Mangold's film "Logan." The director took to Twitter with a fun jab at the upcoming project — something initially interpreted differently thanks to the violent clip. "Everybody chill. Just kidding!" Mangold wrote as part of the clarifying post.

Jackman and Reynolds vowed in a second video that their upcoming pairing wouldn't alter that storyline. It is hinted that the multiverse might come into play considering Patrick Stewart, Jackman's X-Men co-star, appeared in "Doctor Strange In the Multiverse of Madness" (via Inverse). Those are merely rumors, but it hasn't stopped fans from speculating. Whatever the plan, artists with a love for all things Marvel are utilizing their talents in anticipation of this next installment. And with that in mind, a certain piece of fan art is drawing attention for its unique callbacks and references.

The new fan art recalls an infamous flop

Everything about the concept poster design from artist BossLogic points to 1993's "Last Action Hero." The outer portions of the poster almost directly pay homage to the original film's promotional art, complete with flames and shocked audience members. "Last Action Hero" would go down as a major disappointment at the time of its release, thanks in part to behind-the-scenes drama. It's a safe bet that no one is expecting the new film to bomb as hard as that entry.

The title itself could be a fun reference to Deadpool's possible place in upcoming films. In the comics, he ended up in the afterlife with a surprising companion (via Marvel). Of course, the reference could also be about Hugh Jackman's Wolverine role, dating back to well before Disney made its first MCU film. This next project would come almost 25 years after his first appearance.

A few more Easter Eggs for Deadpool fans

The art doesn't shy away from clever Easter Eggs. Unicorns are never far from Deadpool's mind, so it only makes sense to create fan art for the ultimate unicorn devotee. There's never been a solid reason for the character's love of these fictional creatures, but they seem like a natural fit for the creative hero. It would also be surprising if a few don't appear in this next film, even counting a dream sequence or two.

BossLogic gives Deadpool the perfect pairing for the upcoming film. Instead of star Arnold Schwarzenegger, Deadpool appears as the hero pushing through the screen with his smaller doppelgänger taking over the spot originally occupied by "Hero" actor Austin O'Brien. That little version of the title character could be there in hopes of Christopher Cassera entering the MCU. Known as Kid Deadpool, Cassera became a part of Deadpool's life after his father's death (via Marvel). With a matching suit and weapons, the idea would be interesting to explore on the big screen.

Deadpool's sense of humor is also on display; the character is fully mocking his new home in the MCU. Mouse ears bounce in the air, a clear play on Marvel's parent company Disney; the studio's other properties can't get away unscathed. Deadpool has WADE written on his sole — a clear nod to the famous markings from "Toy Story." His smaller self holds a lightsaber to highlight Marvel and Lucasfilm's "Star Wars" being under the same umbrella now. Chances are good these kinds of references will be just the start when Marvel's "Deadpool 3" debuts.