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Deadpool Rides A Rainbow Unicorn In Lisa Frank-Inspired IMAX Poster

Deadpool and Lisa Frank — two great tastes that taste great together. Who'd have thought?

The irreverent psychos behind the marketing of Fox's superhero sequel Deadpool 2 have gone and done it again, "it" being officially releasing some pretty bonkers, devil-may-care material as ironic promotional art.

This time, the studio has released a new poster for the upcoming Deadpool sequel, this one specifically to market the movie in IMAX. 

But instead of making obvious jokes about big screens, big guns, and big whatever else, the company went ahead and dipped their marketing materials in a vat full of sugary syrup, wrapped them up in cotton candy, and frosted them with a sparkly dollop of love. 

The result, apropos of very little, is a Lisa Frank-inspired, bright, pastel poster meant to do little more than catch the eye and make you smile. Did it work?

Anyway — here he is, everybody! It's the cutest little Merc with the Mouth that you ever did see, with his friends, on a unicorn. Check it out below.

Eat your heart out, Funko

Even if the Deadpool movies weren't entertaining, the marketing campaigns mounted for them would still be notable for their "never-say-no" approaches. The pleasantly viral strategy has made these movies become the first studio tentpoles to ever be sold to audiences exclusively with the power of irony. It's great!

The gang's all here on the cutie-pie poster, with the trinity of Mr. Pool, Domino, and Cable hanging on to the horned horse's haunches while Colossus trails behind, gripping the rainbow tail. Negasonic Teenage Warhead, meanwhile, is in the clouds, complaining. Accurate!

It's just another odd way of reminding you that Deadpool 2 will be out in theaters on May 18. Bring candy.