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Here's Why Deadliest Catch's Mandy Hansen Finds Being On TV 'Terrifying'

For the brave (borderline daredevil) fishers that find themselves on the boats featured on Discovery's "Deadliest Catch," there's an additional level of pressure on top of catching enough crab and surviving the harsh conditions of the Bering Sea. That extra pressure doesn't come from any typical element that's inherent with your average crabbing vessel but instead festers on the other side of the camera crew's lenses — one of the most dangerous gigs in the world is all displayed in front of millions of viewers.

For the average deckhand, solidifying a position on a crab boat usually requires at least the basic fishing experience, as well as the mental and physical toughness required to be an important part of a trained crew that catches a specific crab quota and makes it back to shore in one piece. On top of that, when being featured on "Deadliest Catch," any member of the crew — from deckhand to captain — is scrutinized and portrayed in the public eye, vulnerable to comments, judgments, and even career-ending mistakes.

For Mandy Hansen, daughter of Captain Sig Hansen of the Northwestern, being one of the newer cast members of "Deadliest Catch and the possibility of being knocked overboard, hit by a 700-pound crab pot, or the countless other terrifying possible outcomes doesn't terrify her any more than one specific aspect of the gig: being on TV. 

Mandy Hansen has more to worry about than catching crab

For Mandy Hansen, ending up as an equal crew member on her father's boat, the Northwestern, was more important than an average career path. However, despite all the dangers (which include ending up on the seafloor), she finds being in the public eye is more terrifying than the inherent dangers of being a crab fisherman.

For Hansen, the fact that she can do her job in one way and have it shown in a completely different light during the reality show adds additional stress to the already anxiety-filled gig. She revealed to Hollywood Soapbox, "It's so scary. I don't know what they're actually going to show on TV. I wanted to go fishing. That was it. I didn't realize it was going [to be] such a big deal, and I'd actually be in the public eye. That's terrifying for me. But I'm starting to wrap my head around it." Clearly, Hansen hasn't been paying much attention to the show that made her father one of the most well-known captains in the fleet! Discovery has not held back much when it comes to personal stories and ongoing issues for just about everyone involved. 

Whether she likes it or not, "Deadliest Catch" has portrayed her in a positive light as she continues to move forward — toward that captain's chair. And the way Hansen sees it, even if that wasn't the case, her occupational choice still trumps what could've been. "I want it to succeed," Hansen said to Hollywood Soapbox. "I want to be a part of it ... I want to be on deck with the guys ... I don't want to work at a random company and just have to try to make someone else's business grow. It's pride."