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Alexis Rose Communications Issues An Exclusive Press Release Regarding The Future Home Of Schitt's Creek

Gone but never forgotten, "Schitt's Creek" is one of the truly prized gems that only comes around once in a while. Starting out as the brainchild of Dan Levy, the creator of the series ultimately roped in comedian — and father — Eugene Levy to help get the riches-to-rags story off the ground (per Newsweek). What makes the series so endearing is not just because of the involvement of Christopher Guest comedy legends Levy and Catherine O'Hara, but because the series is a genuinely moving story of people becoming the best versions of themselves. 

By the end of "Schitt's Creek," David (Dan Levy), Johnny (Eugene Levy), Moira (O'Hara), and Alexis (Annie Murphy) all find what they are supposed to be doing. David gets married, Alexis finds her calling, and their parents find satisfaction in living a fulfilled life. Though it is bittersweet that the series has come to an end, rewatching it is always an option. And if you want to be absolutely positive about where to tune in, Alexis is here to guide you in the right direction. 

You can find Schitt's Creek on Hulu, David!

Though Alexis and Ted's (Dustin Milligan) union ended in a shockingly true-to-life fashion, the same cannot be said for her career. The couple still loved each other but after some soul searching, realized they were better off going their separate ways (via Entertainment Weekly). This allowed Alexis to follow her dreams and now the eponymous PR company that she poured her lifeblood into is behind the newest announcement for "Schitt's Creek." The creator of the company herself announced the exciting development of "Schitt's Creek" moving from Netflix to Hulu in the most meta way possible.

"[W]e at Alexis Rose Communications believe there is nothing wrong with asking for what you deserve. And after weeks of, like, heavy business negotiations with Hulu, I could absolutely not say no as a business woman," the release read in Alexis' trademark tone of voice (via Twitter). "The world deserves the best and I love that journey for them." The press release went on to announce that "Schitt's Creek" will officially be moving to Hulu as of October 3. If this is a clever reference to the famous "Mean Girls" quote, the world will never know. All we do know is that fans will not be deprived of the catchphrase that Dan Levy actually hates

Relive the snark, the style, and the story of family when "Schitt's Creek" streams exclusively on Hulu.