Big Sky Fans Are All Saying The Same Thing About Donno's Return In Season 3

Ryan O'Nan is more involved in "Big Sky" than most viewers realize. After being a supervising producer for nine episodes, he's now one of the co-executive producers of the show, as well as the writer for three episodes of Season 2 (per IMDb). In an interview with "Unscripted Moments: A Podcast About Propagandhi," he talks about his inspiration for Donno coming partly from one of his favorite Canadian punk bands, Propagandhi. "I listened to endless interviews with Chris Hannah, and I was trying to mimic his voice in some way," O'Nan said. "The only thing [the script] said was that [Donno] was from Canada and had dead eyes."

When we first met Donno in Season 2 of "Big Sky," O'Nan portrayed him as the stereotypical loyal but dumb strongman to cartel member Ren Bhullar (Janina Gavankar). But while he initially seems more interested in knives, following directions, and protecting Ren, O'Nan's portrayal of his off-kilter, humorless killer quickly made him an unlikely fan favorite. When Ren leaves Montana at the end of Season 2, we assumed that would be the last we'd see of Donno. Now that he's returned in "Big Sky" Season 3 as Tonya's business associate, fans are excited to get their weekly dose of Donno.

Fans are excited that Donno is back for Season 3

When we first see Donno again in Season 3, Episode 1 ("Do You Love an Apple"), he's now working as a cook at the Blue Fox Diner, which Tonya Walsh (Jamie-Lynn Sigler) now owns. Donno is hovering over a customer, watching his reaction to the meal he cooked, and refuses to give him ketchup when he asks for it. Obviously, Donno takes as much pride in his cooking as he does in killing people. Fans are excited that Donno — quirks and all — is back.

"I love Donno. That is all," @Osospeical1 tweeted while Episode 2 was airing. What she wasn't expecting was a response from Ryan O'Nan, which said, "He loves you back." O'Nan is one of the rare celebrities on Twitter who will more than likely respond if you tweet at him. User @CuteJByrd wrote "Donno! #BigSky I know I shouldn't love him but I kinda do lol," to which O'Nan responded with several heart emojis. The Twitter account for "Big Sky" also got in on the action, asking fans "What is it about Donno???" One fan, @STLATTITUDE responded, "Donno is so bad he's good! Big Sky has just enough crazy and drama!"

O'Nan's Donno may still just be a recurring character on the show, but given how much fans delight in his appearances, we shouldn't be surprised if he becomes a series regular.