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The Charmed Character You Likely Forgot Coolio Played

The devastating death of Coolio on September 28 was a significant loss for the rap community. Perhaps best known for his 1995 hit "Gangsta's Paradise," the track catapulted the rapper to fame, leading to the release of other singles such as "Fantastic Voyage" and "C U When U Get There." Throughout his career, Coolio released eight studio albums.

Coolio made several musical contributions to film and television. "Gangsta's Paradise" was featured prominently in the 1995 film "Dangerous Minds," and the rapper wrote and performed the opening credits track for Nickelodeon mainstay "Kenan & Kel." Coolio also became a recognizable face in front of the camera, making his acting debut in a 1995 episode of "Martin." He continued with guest roles in "Sabrina The Teenage Witch," "Batman & Robin," and lent his voice to a "Futurama" character (via IMDb). The late rapper would spend the next several years making appearances as himself, but here's the "Charmed" character you likely forgot Coolio played.

Coolio played a Lazarus Demon on Charmed

In 2002, Coolio appeared in a Season 4 episode of "Charmed" titled "Marry-Go-Round." The episode occurs on the tumultuous wedding day between Phoebe Halliwell (Alyssa Milano) and Cole Turner (Julian McMahon), her half-demon beau. Coolio plays a Lazarus Demon resurrected by the Seer (Debbi Morgan), who is hell-bent on ruining Phoebe's wedding day. The sisters end up defeating him in a cemetery, and the nuptials go on without a hitch — aside from the groom being possessed by The Source of All Evil. While Coolio's time on the series was brief, he endured the arduous task of being flung into walls and hit with fireballs.

Upon learning of Coolio's passing, Milano took to Instagram to share a remembrance of the rapper-turned-actor's time on the show. The post features a photo of the two actors in costume — Milano in a wedding dress and Coolio donning a demonic overcoat. "Coolio played a demon on 'Charmed,'" the caption reads. "He was kind, funny, professional, and of course — so talented. Gone too soon."