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The Name Drop In Andor Episode 4 That Had Fans Hitting The Pause Button

The "Star Wars" drama "Andor" released its fourth episode on Disney+, dropping a shocking reference to an iconic yet non-canon video game from the "Star Wars" universe. The series follows "Rogue One" character Cassian Andor (Diego Luna) in the years leading up to his heroic sacrifice on the beaches of Scarif (suffering vaporization-by-Death Star alongside Felecity Jones as Jyn Erso).

"Andor" Season 1, Episode 4, "Aldhani" picks up right where the previous episode left off, with the titular antihero fleeing a nasty scrape with the Preox-Morlana Security Force, led by Deputy Inspector Syril Karn (Kyle Soller). Boarding a ship with Stellan Skarsgård's Luthen Rael, Cassian has taken his first major step toward becoming the freedom fighter he ultimately perishes as. Though much of the episode concerns the bureaucratic intrigue of the Empire, as well as Cassian's new mission (with a crew rivaling the desperate team of "Rogue One"), a small interaction between Cassian and Luthen invoked a deep piece of "Star Wars" lore.

An ancient threat from the Old Republic

Arriving on Aldhani, Luthen informs Cassian of his daunting mission. Luthen is already one of the most direct characters in the "Star Wars" universe, mincing no words as he explains the severity of Cassian's involvement. It's all the more inspiring, then, that he seems confident that Cassian will survive. As a small token of his faith, Luthen loans Cassian a "Kuati Signet," a blue Kyber crystal attached to a chain that Luthen attributes to "the ancient world." Luthen states numerous times that he wants this trinket returned, dispassionately implying that Cassian will be able to return it to him personally.

He goes on to say that the signet "celebrates the uprising against Rakatan invaders," referencing a hostile Imperial force from the now non-canon "Star Wars Legends" (aka the Expanded Universe). The Rakatan were a race similar in appearance to the Mon Calamari, who existed tens of thousands of years before the events of the Prequel Trilogy. Their "Infinite Empire" came about as the result of rampant conquest bolstered by wildly advanced technology, including Force-based weaponry and early-hyperdrive technology. Though it's currently unclear what their role will be in the new "Star Wars" cannon, the rumored "Knights of the Old Republic"- era project could pave the way for the Rakatan to be introduced in earnest. Though incredibly brief, this mention in "Andor" could be a small sign of things to come.