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The Four Most Important Pieces Of Equipment On Deadliest Catch

For fans of Discovery's "Deadliest Catch," which has been churning out episodes like frozen fish sticks for over 18 seasons, it's easy to point out who (and what) the stars of the show are. At this point, plenty of fans feel like they're on a first-name basis with the featured captains. When it comes to the dangerous job itself, past on-air situations make it easy to point out the most important pieces of equipment needed to complete a successful crabbing season. However, the actual captains of these vessels may think differently.

When attempting to pinpoint the most essential equipment on a crab boat, it seems that the go-to choice would be the crab pots, themselves. After all, there's no profit if there's nothing to pull those expensive crustaceans onboard with. Plus, with safety being each captain's top priority, the emergency life-saving equipment must rank near the top, as well. 

Every boat in the "Deadliest Catch" fleet has its own layout and specs (above deck and below) that add up to what's needed to deliver the delicious goods. For example, the Wizard's official website details the boat's inner workings, such as the vessel running on a single diesel-oil propulsion engine. Although each boat has its own unique layout, they all need the same essential equipment. And based on captain Andy Hillstrand's opinion, the specific equipment needed to have a successful crab season may not be on the average viewer's radar.

Certain equipment is needed to hit their quotas

The crab boats that bravely journey across the Bering sea, year after year, all take with them an incredible amount of essential equipment needed to complete a safe and successful trip. Traps, bait, safety tools, and plenty more fill a seemingly endless list of necessities. But, when asked what the most essential pieces of equipment are, captain Andy Hillstrand of the Time Bandit revealed that it's the engines, cranes, hydraulics, and ground tackle.

In an interview with Dockwalk, Hillstrand lists off his choices, and it's not surprising that the engine is first on his list. The importance of a properly working engine isn't just about being able to get where you need to go. An engine failure in the middle of the treacherous Bering Sea can spell disaster for the entire crew. With engine failure, a boat can end up completely at the mercy of nature itself, susceptible to one rogue wave capsizing the vessel. Moving on with Hillstrand's choices, ground tackle, as explained by BoatUS, includes an anchor, chain, line, and connecting elements. Once again, without this, the boat can be vulnerable to disaster.

The other two most essential pieces of equipment for a working crab fishing boat, according to Hillstrand, are the crane and hydraulics. Without these two fully functioning pieces of equipment, there would be no way to catch anything that crawls on the sea floor. With the crane lifting these 700-pound pots, and the hydraulics assisting the fishermen with getting the crab successfully on the table, there is no "Deadliest Catch" without 'em.