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Why Corey Cunningham From Halloween Ends Looks So Familiar

"Halloween Ends," you say? Don't threaten me with a good time! On October 14, the long-running "Halloween" franchise will (probably, maybe) come to an end with the final installment of the trilogy that was launched in 2018. A direct sequel to 2021's "Halloween Kills," Part 3 is set to take place four years after the events of its predecessor. From what we can glean from the "Halloween Ends" trailer, the upcoming film finds Laurie Strode — played by Jamie Lee Curtis in her final appearance as the character – preparing for a Michael Myers showdown 40 years in the making.

For a franchise as old as "Halloween," the new installment proves that it still has some tricks — and new characters — up its sleeve. The trailer briefly introduces newcomer Corey Cunningham, a local teen who is accused of killing a child he was babysitting. Beyond that, little is revealed about the character. He does ominously say, "What are you gonna do when Michael comes back for you? 'Cause he is coming." Here's why the actor who plays Cunningham looks so familiar.

Rohan Campbell had a recurring role in Disney's Mech-X4

Born in Calgary and raised in nearby Cochrane, Alberta, Rohan Campbell got his start acting in a number of Canadian productions, including small roles in "The Right Kind of Wrong," "The Valley Below," and Discovery's gold rush miniseries "Klondike." Campbell also appeared in the Canadian-American film "Diablo." The Western-meets-psychological thriller stars Scott Eastwood as well as Walton Goggins, Camilla Belle, and Danny Glover — not bad company for one of Campbell's first films.

Between 2016 and 2018, Campbell appeared in 10 episodes of the Disney Channel sci-fi series "Mech-X4," which later moved to Disney XD (via IMDb). The series follows a young "technopath" named Ryan Walker (Nathaniel Potvin) who can control technology with his mind. He learns to pilot Mech-X4, a towering robot that must save the city from giant monsters. Campbell plays Dane, a varsity athlete and good friend to Ryan's popular brother, Mark (Raymond Cham), who works as a mechanic for Mech-X4.

He appeared in episodes of The 100 and iZombie

Following his role in "Mech-X4," Rohan Campbell stayed busy appearing in a number of different TV shows. In 2018, he appeared in a Season 14 episode of "Supernatural," in which he's credited as Packmate (via IMDb).

2019 marked a fruitful relationship between Campbell and The CW. That year, he would appear in two different series on the network: "The 100" and "iZombie." "The 100" follows a group of juvenile delinquents who are selected to revisit Earth 97 years after an apocalyptic event. Campbell appears in two episodes in Season 6, during which the events of the series have shifted to a different habitable planet called Alpha.

"iZombie" is similarly supernatural. The series takes place in a world that is occupied by both humans and zombies. In two episodes of Season 5, including the series finale, Campbell played an undead soldier named Murphy. Around the same time, Campbell also appeared in episodes of "Snowpiercer" as a butcher and "Virgin River" as a Marine in the Iraq War.

Campbell's first major role was on The Hardy Boys

At the end of 2020, Hulu revived the timeless series of detective books "The Hardy Boys" as an updated series set in the 1980s, with Rohan Campbell cast in the lead role as Frank Hardy. The series follows Frank and his brother, Joe (Alexander Elliot), as they move to the sleepy yet sinister town of Bridgeport. The mysteries continued in Season 2, which aired in April 2022, when one of the Hardy Boys' classmates suddenly disappears.

For Campbell, the role of Frank Hardy –- his biggest part to date –- was all too familiar. Per the actor, the series served as his "cabin books" when he was vacationing around Alberta as a kid. "If you went to Canmore and you were snowed in, you would always end up reading the Hardy Boys or Nancy Drew or something like that," Campbell told the Calgary Herald. "I knew the books really well. I knew Frank really well."