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Did Ryan Reynolds' Deadpool 3 Tease Hint At The Return Of The X-Force?

Film star Ryan Reynolds got the internet rumbling Tuesday with his sly announcement that Hugh Jackman would return to the X-Men universe opposite Reynolds' Deadpool, aka the Merc with a Mouth, in "Deadpool 3" come 2024. But in the lead-up to the big reveal online, a Twitter user pointed out that the "Deadpool" threequel may also signal a return of the X-Force.

Reynolds and Jackman, of course, have had a playful rivalry with each other and their X-Men characters for years. Their comedic relationship began with Reynolds' first appearance as Wade Wilson — who would eventually become Deadpool — in the X-Men spinoff movie "X-Men Origins: Wolverine" in 2009. But since the film or the slim origin story of Deadpool wasn't very well-received by critics or fans (via Rotten Tomatoes) — Reynolds among them — the actor worked diligently to right the ship and get a proper version of "Deadpool" made in 2016 with Tim Miller in the director's chair. The film was a bona fide blockbuster with nearly $783 million in worldwide ticket sales (via Box Office Mojo), with its David Leitch-directed sequel "Deadpool 2" eclipsing the original's take with nearly $786 million globally two years later.

With the box office blues (hopefully) in the rearview mirror following the COVID-19 pandemic, Reynolds has officially started up the hype for the long-awaited "Deadpool 3" with the Jackman announcement, which is a major coup for the producer-actor considering his friend and X-Men ally announced that he was retired from playing Wolverine after the character's death in "Logan" in 2017. And while it remains to be seen how Reynolds and Jackman will resurrect Wolverine after the character perished in "Logan," another mystery has already presented itself with a small detail in Reynolds' "Deadpool 3" announcement video.

Ryan Reynolds seems to be wearing grey X-Force attire in the announcement video

Ryan Reynolds expertly executed the announcement of Hugh Jackman returning to the X-Men universe by giving a soul-searching soliloquy, which ended with him asking Jackman whether he wanted "to play Wolverine one more time" — to which Jackman nonchalantly replies, "Yeah, sure, Ryan." During the course of the video, though, Reynolds is shown in various outfits, including casual clothing and, at times, sitting in front of a typewriter — and hilariously typing with one finger — wearing a grey jumpsuit. Reynolds is also seen in the grey suit sitting on a toilet. 

The sight of the suit prompted Twitter user Aqui é #Lula13 to post, "Grey suit? Grey suit!" accompanied by a split photo that pictured Reynolds wearing the grey jumpsuit on the left-hand side, with a photo of Deadpool wearing a grey jumpsuit along with his mask, an "X" harness and belt, and his weapons, on the right. The character, of course, has worn a maroon-colored suit in the first two "Deadpool" films.

Whether Reynolds' grey jumpsuit in the Wolverine announcement video pans out to the return of the X-Force is yet to be seen. Since a modified version of the group, including Domino (Zazie Beetz), was introduced in "Deadpool 2," the idea of the X-Force — which was conceived by Deadpool creator Rob Liefeld — is entirely plausible. If Reynolds were to wear the grey suit in "Deadpool 3," the live-action iteration of the costume would be an homage to Deadpool's grey suit in the "X-Force" comics. This isn't the first mention of Deadpool's grey suit making an appearance in live-action. According to ComicBook.com, rumors began circulating with the release of one of the trailers of "Deadpool 2," where it appeared that Deadpool was donning grey attire, but that idea was quickly debunked when it was revealed that the Merc's suit was entirely coated with ash.

"Deadpool 3" is set for a September 6, 2024, release.