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Rachel Wolfson's Favorite Jackass Forever Scene Is A Piece Of Chris Pontius Art

If there's anything that "Jackass Forever" taught us, it is that the new generation of jackasses — Jasper Dolphin, Zach Holmes, Eric Manaka, Poopies, and Rachel Wolfson — can get comically injured just as well as any of the veterans. Wolfson, of course, stands out as being the first woman to be initiated into the Jackass crew (and, per the Forward, the first Jewish member), but she showed herself just as willing as any of the guys to get stung by scorpions, be zapped with a taser, or to launch Wee Man into space.

Like most of the new generation, Wolfson had been a fan of "Jackass" well before being asked to join the team. "As soon as I heard 'Jackass,' I was like, 'Whatever this is, I want to be a part of it,'" she said to IndieWire. No doubt she had a good grasp on how deceptively intricate some of the "Jackass" pranks could be. But as a recent conversation shows, this didn't stop her from being truly wowed by the creativity of some of the pranks in "Jackass Forever."

Wolfson is a big fan of the Silence of the Lambs parody

"I love The Silence of the Lambs," Rachel Wolfson told Johnny Knoxville in a conversation published in Interview Magazine. "It's so incredible when you see Pontius dancing like that. It changed my life forever, that sight. I love that bit, it's art."

Wolfson is referring to the scene in "Jackass Forever" where Knoxville locks Zach Holmes, Danger Ehren, and a few others into a dark room with what they think is a loose and highly venomous snake. The room is pitch black, but thanks to night vision, we see it all as other crew members torment them with clamps and rattles. And in the back, bathed in green light, is a scantily-clad Chris Pontius dancing in a silly-but-menacing way, à la Buffalo Bill of "Silence of the Lambs." Meanwhile, Ehren, Zach, and the other poor souls locked in the room shriek in abject terror, scrambling to find a way out of what they think is a death trap.

True, there is something strangely artistic in this scene as if David Lynch were directing an episode of "Beavis and Butt-Head." But it's not the only Pontius moment that stunned Wolfson while filming "Jackass Forever."

Wolfson also loved filming the intro of Jackass Forever

Rachel Wolfson continued: "Also, I loved filming the intro and just seeing all the art and puppetry that goes into Pontius' penis. I mean, I hope it just wins awards because, I mean, it's magnificent."

Wolfson is referring to the opening sequence of "Jackass Forever," which introduced all of the jackasses via an elaborate recreation of Japanese kaiju movies. Only the Kaiju is, of course, Chris Pontius' genitalia, covered in green makeup and googly eyes, and marionetted by Spike Jonze down the street of a model city.

Considering the amount of stagecraft, model building, stunt coordination, and ... ahem... puppetry that went into the scene, it's not all that surprising that Wolfson is hoping it wins awards. While that particular scene doesn't seem to have gotten the attention of the Academy, "Jackass Forever" has managed to garner at least one award. More specifically, Poopies and a snake won the award for best kiss at the MTV Movie + TV Awards (via IMDb). Not an award for best penis puppetry, but still impressive.