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My Hero Academia's Producer Wants Fans To Keep An Eye On These Characters In Season 6

"My Hero Academia" continues to be a popular anime since it began in 2016. Based on the equally popular manga series, the anime is set in a world where most of the human population has a superpower known as a "quirk," and no two powers are the same. Heroes, as they are known in the series, use their superpowers for good in the aiding of capturing those who abuse their powers, known as Villains. Entering Season 6 of the show, one of the producers wants fans to keep an eye on a pair of characters.

Yoshihiro Oyabu is the producer behind the films "My Hero Academia: Two Heroes" from 2018 and "My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising" from 2019. He began working as a producer on the popular anime series "Darker Than Black" and "Soul Eater" in the late 2000s (via IMDb.) With that quality of work to his name, fans listen when he has something to share about a particular anime. He recently shared some insight on those aforementioned "My Hero Academia" characters that should pique fans' interest.

Yoshihiro Oyabu says to keep an eye on Mirko and Twice

Following the events of the manga, Season 6 of the show takes place during the beginning a war that kicks off a particularly dark arc in the storyline. Yoshihiro Oyabu told Animedia magazine (via ComicBook) that he wants fans to keep an eye on the characters Mirko and Twice.

Season 5 ended with the "My Villain Academia" storyline coming to a close. The League of Villains collided with the Meta Liberation Army. In the final episode of that season, Izuku Midoriya narrates that a "major incident will shake superhuman society." The Paranormal Liberation Front is coming, and fans of the manga know that this is a major war between the Heroes and the Villains.

Mirko returned in Season 5, and Twice developed a duplication quirk that allowed him to make thousands of himself, which led to a major victory for the League of Villains over the Meta Liberation Army. Fans will have to see for themselves how Mirko and Twice play into the exciting Season 6 storyline.