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My Hero Academia Season 6 Release Date, Characters And Plot - What We Know So Far

The super popular anime "My Hero Academia" is a fantastic series about a young boy named Izuku Midoriya, voiced by Daiki Yamashita, who simply dreams of one day becoming a superhero. The story takes place in a world where people all over develop "Quirks," which are super powers unique to each person. Unfortunately for Izuku, he doesn't have a Quirk, but that doesn't stop his determination, and soon enough he finds himself on the path to achieve his dream. 

Throughout the series, Izuku finds a mentor in the superhero All Might, voiced by Kenta Miyake, who helps train Izuku and get him accepted into a top hero school. Izuku quickly finds himself facing off against the League of Villains and other enemies as he tries to protect his friends, allies, and innocents from their drive for power and control.

"My Hero Academia" is produced by Bones animation studio and based on the manga series of the same name written and illustrated by Kōhei Horikoshi. The television series is directed by Kenji Nagasaki and written by Yōsuke Kuroda, and Yoshihiko Umakoshi does character design. So far, "My Hero Academia" has had five seasons, with Season 6 recently announced. 

Here's everything we know so far about "My Hero Academia" Season 6.

What is the release date for My Hero Academia Season 6?

Luckily for fans of "My Hero Academia" who are hoping for more episodes after Season 5, your wish has come true, as Season 6 was announced shortly after the final episode of the fifth season aired in Japan, teased through a voiceover in the final moments of the finale. The new season will continue the story of Izuku and his friends as they battle the rising threat of the villains, which was further teased in a short promo found on the show's official Twitter.

Unfortunately, that announcement did not include a premiere date for "My Hero Academia" Season 6. But looking at the release date of past seasons, with Season 3 premiering in April 2018 and Season 4 in October 2019, it's likely that Season 6 will come in mid-to-late 2022, with GamesRadar predicting an October 2022 release date as a high possibility. Season 5 faced a large delay due to the pandemic, so it took longer to come out that previous seasons, but Season 6 is expected to follow the regular timeline. 

What characters will be featured in the anime's sixth season?

Like all previous seasons of "My Hero Academia," Season 6 will center around the main character Izuku, now a well-trained fighter working alongside many other heroes. Some of the other main characters include Katsuki Bakugo, a fellow hero who grew up with Izuku as his childhood friend turned bully before learning to respect and work with him, Ochaco Uraraka, a talented hero who has romantic feelings for Izuku but hasn't revealed them, as well as other friends and teammates of Izuku like Tenya Ida, Shoto Todoroki, and Eijiro Kirishima. The young heroes have plenty of interesting Quirks, with Katsuki having the ability to create explosions at will, while Ochaco can remove the effect of gravity from both living and non-living things by touch. 

Along with the heroes in training, "My Hero Academia" spends a lot of time focusing on teachers like All Might, with Eijiro Kirishima, also known as Eraser Head, one of the students' favorite mentors. Other teachers at the school are Hizashi Yamada, a.k.a. Present Mic, Nezu, or Mr. Principal, and Nemuri Kayama, also known as Midnight. Of course, there are also the villains of "My Hero Academia," led by the powerful Tomura Shigaraki, while Dabi, Himiko Toga, Atsuhiro Sako, and more all play key roles.

What will Season 6 of My Hero Academia be about?

The fifth season of "My Hero Academia" covers the Endeavor Agency and Meta Liberation Army story arcs of the manga, leading into what will be the Paranormal Liberation War arc in Season 6. Throughout Season 5, it is revealed that the League of Villains, who have been a major issue for the heroes for a while now, is joining with the Meta Liberation Army, a radical group of superpowered people, to become the powerful and destructive Paranormal Liberation Front. 

The group is led by Tomura, who is quickly gaining more and more power, aiming to eventually take Izuku's One For All Quirk. Based on the short teaser of Season 6, it looks like there is a major battle coming between Izuku and Tomura, which has been building up for quite a while. In order to stop the rising threat, the heroes must all come together and train hard so that they can defeat Tomura and the Paranormal Liberation Front once and for all.

Fans of the long-running series can also expect further development in side stories of "My Hero Academia" in Season 6, with many important relationships getting stronger in the midst of the chaos, while others will reach their breaking point and fall apart.