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Live-Action Avatar: The Last Airbender Casting Announcement Should Put Fans On Notice

After Netflix's "Cowboy Bepop" was cancelled after its first season, it's hard to blame the fans for being cynical about the streaming juggernaut's live-action anime ware. It might not exactly help that Netflix's "Death Note" has also been called one of the worst Hollywood adaptations of anime

With that baggage, it seems surprising that Netflix is actually going for one of the biggest white whales of the genre. "Avatar: The Last Airbender" has been called the best animated show ever, and M. Night Shuyamalan's controversial, whitewash-heavy live-action version was basically doomed before it premiered

Still, an uphill battle it may be, but Netflix's upcoming take on "Avatar: The Last Airbender" appears to be perfectly prepared to fight all the way ... at least, based on the show's casting decisions. Netflix has already announced several key live-action cast members, including Gordon Corimer as Aang, Kiawentiio as Katara, Ian Ousley as Sokka, Dallas Liu as Prince Zuko, Daniel Dae Kim as Fire Lord Ozai, and Tamlyn Tomita as Yukari. Now, the streaming platform has revealed a whole bunch of new names to round up the cast — and it's clear that the star power Netflix has assembled for its live-action "Avatar: The Last Airbender" should be more than enough to put fans on notice.


George Takei and Amber Midthunder join the show, among many others

Perhaps the hottest name to join the earthly plane of Netflix's "Avatar: The Last Airbender" in the latest batch of cating announcements is Amber Midthunder, who recently made waves as the star of "Prey." Midthunder will play Princess Yue of the Water Tribe, which also receives several other new additions in A Martinez, Irene Bedard, Joel Oulette, Nathaniel Arcand and Meegwun Fairbrother. 

Earth Kingdom also receives copious reinforcements, such as "Community" star Danny Pudi as The Mechanist and Utkarsh Ambudkar as King Bumi. This faction is rounded up by fellow new cast additions Arden Cho, Lucian-River Chauhan, and James Sie. Never one to bow its head in front of the others, the Fire Nation also acquires several new cast members. These include Momona Tamada, Thalia Tran, Ruy Iskandar, Hiro Kanagawa, C.S. Lee, François Chau, and Ryan Mah.

Meanwhile, the Spirit World remains as elusive and fascinating as ever, judging by the fact that two big-name actors will lend their voices to powerful spirits of this parallel plane. "Star Trek" veteran George Takei joins "Avatar: The Last Airbender" as dangerous spirit Koh, and Randall Duk Kim enters the fray as the Spirit of Knowledge, Wan Shi Tong. 

With these new additions, it seems that Netflix's "Avatar: The Last Airbender" is going all in with its trend of diverse and inspired casting, while also managing to add even further star power to its already stacked line-up.