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Whatever Happened To PowerPot After Shark Tank?

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The flagship product of the company Power Practical, the Power Pot offers a source of power in an unconventional package. As its name suggests, the product works as a cooking pot, but with its built-in thermoelectric technology, the Power Pot has the ability to also recharge phones and other electric devices. The Power pot was invented by Caleb Light and David Toledo. They primarily invented the Power Pot for campers and hikers, but also note its functionality during unexpected power outages and for those pursuing greener living. The team raised over $200,000 from various fundraisers and investors coming on board, with a good majority coming from a Kickstarter campaign where the two, intending to get $50,000, collected nearly $130,000 by the campaign's end. 

Light and Toledo made their way to "Shark Tank" on Episode 24, Season 5 of the series. Initially, they come looking to secure a deal for $250,000 for a 10% stake in their company. Despite projecting sales for the next year to reach up to $2 million, most of the sharks find reasons to not bite. The majority of them believe that the business is too early in development to invest in seriously. Except for Mark Cuban, who offers the $250,000 for 20% of the company. The duo are able to successfully make a counter offer for the $250,000 for 12% plus 3% in advisory options and a seat on the Board of Directors. Since then, has the Power Pot stayed charged up?

Power Pot plugged into some new connections

When Caleb Light and David Toledo appeared on "Shark Tank," they were hoping to use the resources from the investors to further expand their operations, including getting the Power Pot into every corner of the U.S. market. Following their time on the show and getting an investment from Mark Cuban, the duo began to see this getting realized. The Power Pot was able to reach just about every camping and outdoor store in the country, while also giving them room to expand their line with new outdoor products. They also began making their products available to developing communities in countries such as Uganda to help tackle poverty in these areas (via SEOAves).

In 2020, Power Practical, the company that created the Power Pot, would be in for a change. The business was acquired by the consumers good company, Thrasio, for an unknown amount (via Milled). Joining them would mean good and bad news for Power Practical. The bad news is that, as of September 2022, the Power Pot remains unavailable and it seems that the product has ceased being manufactured altogether. However, the good news is that with the new partnership, Power Practical remains in business with a line of new, exciting products. These include such products as a special bathroom spray that saw a successful Kickstarter campaign and a special windproof and rechargeable LED light called the Lumninoodle. All of Power Practical's products can be found on Amazon.