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Wee Man Recounts A Time When A Jackass Fan Went Too Far

Between various TV series, movies, web content, and countless spinoffs, the "Jackass" franchise consists of dozens of hours of daring individuals taking big risks for comedic effect. What sets "Jackass" apart from similar prank-based reality series like, say, "Impractical Jokers," is that the stunts featured throughout "Jackass" are typically risky, dangerous, or boundary-pushing in some other significant capacity. Occasionally, as a result of its very premise, "Jackass" has resulted in some unexpected collateral damage to involved parties.

Most famously, Bam Margera is among a number of lives destroyed by "Jackass," so to speak. Whereas Margera was at one point a member of the show's main cast and the star of his own spinoffs, his recent involvement with his former co-stars has been defined by legal battles. Members of the "Jackass" crew have even been arrested during the execution of certain stunts throughout the franchise's existence. Furthermore, head honchos Steve-O and Johnny Knoxville almost nixed "Jackass Forever," the fourth "Jackass" movie, out of concern over its inherent health risks.

While involvement in "Jackass" requires a certain degree of openness to the unexpected, longtime cast member Wee Man detailed on a podcast appearance how one fan recently took things a step too far.

A fan had a request Wee Man was unwilling to fulfill

"Jackass" actor Wee Man appeared on the September 22, 2022 episode of co-star Steve-O's podcast "Steve-O's Wild Ride," during which he touched on a number of topics pertaining to his time as a "Jackass" cast member and alumnus. At one point during their discussion, after bringing up the subject of fan interactions, Wee Man recounted a recent time he felt that a fan behaved unreasonably.

"This dude, we were out in Texas, and he messaged me, 'Hey man, I'm gonna be at the event tomorrow. Can you kick me in the nuts?'" Wee Man said. He then went on to explain how that same fan met up with him in-person and repeated his request. By Wee Man's estimation, this fan was seeking fame of some sort, and for various reasons, Wee Man was unwilling to oblige. The fan then became angry, to the extent Wee Man began mentally preparing for a fight. Instead, the fan promised he would see Wee Man again after an L.A. appearance. "And I'm like, dude, people... it's weird. It's weird out there," he concluded.

According to a New York Times profile, Wee Man — a pro skater — only skates in the early mornings and at nights, because during regular hours, fans approach him constantly. Given the seeming regularity with which he meets with fans, then, this particular instance seems to be a fringe case in the grand scheme of fan interactions.