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Where Is Larry Myers From My 600-Lb Life Now?

While many people who are featured on the TLC reality show "My 600-lb. Life" come in with the intentions of creating a new lease on life, it's not often that some come on there looking for a second chance. Larry Myers, who was showcased on Episode 13, Season 10 of the series, is an enthusiastic gospel artist whose battle with weight loss has been an ongoing struggle. 

Long before appearing on the show, Myers had already lost and then regained a significant amount of weight. At his peak, he weighed as much as over 900 pounds; this was brought on by great depression following the death of his nephew, which deeply crushed the New York native. Myers went through weight loss surgery, which, along with intense diet and exercise, helped him lose over 700 pounds back in 2015, and he then became a motivational speaker. Following the death of his sister, however, Myers' struggles with maintaining a healthy lifestyle returned. 

"My 600-lb. Life" sees a variety of stories play out. There are those who manage to fight through the mental, emotional, and physical hurdles of their weight loss journey in order to achieve their goals. Others will fall off the wagon, abandoning the advice of the show's featured doctor, Dr. Now, and making their situation even worse. And then there are others who convince themselves that they are doing fine, but go back into the same habits. With this in mind, which category does Myers fit under, especially after having already gone through this rodeo once before? 

Larry Myers is a source of inspiration once again

At first, given that Myers had already had weight loss surgery once before, Dr. Now believes it will be harder for the patient to be approved for the surgery and not dive back into his habits. However, Myers trucked on forward, aware that his eating habits come out of a place of pain. "The relationship that I have with food, I know that it's not normal," he says on the show. "I eat to comfort myself. When I'm cooking, it's the only time I'm happy, besides when I'm eating. So it's the time that I like to sing and I sing gospel. Because the rest of the time, when I'm not eating, most of my thoughts are morbidly depressing."

Thankfully, Myers was able to lose 100 pounds by the end of the episode. Dr. Now praises him, saying if he's able to lose some more in the next few months, he will be able to get a second weight loss surgery. Since the episode's premiere on January 2022, Myers has been able to continue pursuing his passions once more of gospel singing and motivational speaking with his show, the Mr. Buttermilk Biscuit Show, which he often posts about on both Facebook and Instagram. In March 2022, Myers provided an update on his weight loss on an interview with the Rickey Smiley Morning Show where he says he will be having surgery soon and intends on getting married.