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Netflix's Behind-The-Scenes Look At Extraction 2 Shows Off Jaw-Dropping Set Pieces And A Wintery Setting

Netflix unleashed a stream of first-look previews at Saturday's TUDUM fan event, including a teaser for "Extraction 2," which will be ready sometime in 2023. Most of the core team from the original action film will be back for the sequel, including director Sam Hargrave, screenwriters Joe and Anthony Russo, and star Chris Hemsworth as international mercenary Tyler Rake. 

According to Variety, "Extraction" was the most-watched Netflix movie of all time in the summer it was released, with 99 million of the streamer's then-193 million subscribers taking a look. The original received mostly positive marks, especially for the spectacular action scenes which included a long one-shot take that seamlessly followed car and foot pursuits and a knife fight. Rohan Naahar of The Hindustan Times wrote, "Hargrave displays a flair for inventive camerawork, a skill for building tension, and an unexpected talent for injecting moments of fist-pumping humor. He ... creates an action scene for the ages — one that could almost function independently as a short film, with a beginning, a middle, and an end."

The first long look that Netflix gave fans Saturday — half trailer and half "Making Of" featurette — doubles down on the big stunts and set pieces, including another long one-shot chase scene. But what does the "Extraction 2" first look actually tell us about the sequel?

Extraction 2 promises to be wilder than the original

Director Sam Hargrave sets the tone for "Extraction 2" early in the first-look video, which is available on YouTube. "With a title of 2 behind your name, you have to bring at least twice the action," he says. A Tyler Rake voiceover follows, reinforcing the point. "...where the landscape is ever evolving, where everything that got you here doesn't mean a thing, unless you can do it bigger and better than ever before."

Hargrave appears fully ready to deliver a lesson on that philosophy. The promo shows plenty of behind-the-scenes production shots of spectacular stunts, including a helicopter landing on the roof of a speeding train. Stop and let that sink in for a second. A helicopter. Landing on a train. No models, no CGI. Just two giant, fast-moving metal machines coming together in a most original and unnatural way.

Now that you've caught your breath, let Hargrave clue you into another treat that "Extraction 2" has in store. "For Extraction 1, we had a major action sequence that felt like one continuous shot," he says. "For Extraction 2, we're going to push that even further with a sequence more intricate and extreme than before." It's a bold promise, but the trailer clearly shows that Hargrave and Hemsworth are ready to deliver.