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Netflix TUDUM's First Look At The Witcher Season 3 Showcases Ciri's Sea-Faring Stuntwork

The creators of Netflix's "The Witcher" don't take it easy on the show's stars, but the actors also have a tendency to make life difficult for themselves. While the series takes place in a fantasy realm, the action scenes often require the stars to perform stunts that are very much real. As such, "The Witcher" is full of breathtaking and exciting action sequences that add some oomph to the proceedings.

Unfortunately, actors performing their own stunts has come at a cost at times. Henry Cavill derailed progress on "The Witcher" after suffering a leg injury during the making of Season 2. But we can blame Tom Cruise for that, as Cavill does his own stunts on "The Witcher" because he saw first-hand what his "Mission: Impossible — Fallout" co-star was willing to put himself through while bringing their action blockbuster to life.

That said, Cavill isn't the only actor on "The Witcher" to get physical. Freya Allan, who plays Ciri, has also been known to drag herself through the wringer, as displayed in a behind-the-scenes video from Netflix's TUDUM event.

Freya Allan had great fun shooting Ciri's action sequences on a boat

Netflix's YouTube account shared a video of Freya Allan in action during the production of "The Witcher" Season 3. From the looks of it, Ciri will have a sea-faring adventure in the new season that will lead to her getting into a sword battle on a ship, which she enjoyed a lot.

The video shows Allan in her Ciri attire as she performs some moves with her blade. Elsewhere, one of her co-stars can be seen in the background floating around on a wire, suggesting that the scene in question will feature plenty of action.

Allan described performing the stunts as "great fun," though she also compared the moving boat set to a terrible theme park ride. According to Allan, the boat was built on a rig that enables it to move around. Fortunately, the show's creators didn't make the set spin back and forth during her fight sequences. "Otherwise, we'd all be falling over on top of each other," she revealed.