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Dive Back Into The Mystery With The Full-Length Trailer For Manifest Season 4

"Manifest" Season 4 was stuck in limbo for quite some time, causing fans to fear for the show's future. After NBC canceled the mystery series following the Season 3 finale, Netflix also passed on the opportunity to save it from extinction. Fortunately, common sense prevailed at the end of the day, and the streamer ensured that the passengers of Flight 828 will fly again.

Sadly, the fourth chapter of "Manifest" will be the series' final season. The good news, though, is that fans will receive some type of closure. While the "Manifest" creators faced challenges making Season 4, they were able to condense the story into shorter episodes than originally planned and get creative. Now viewers can look forward to episodes that will be full of momentum, drama, and efficiency. 

The new season is set to drop on Netflix this coming November. In the meantime, the streaming giant has released a new full-length trailer to whet viewers' appetites and get them ready for what will hopefully be a memorable farewell to a beloved show.

The Manifest Season 4 trailer is full of mystery

The trailer for "Manifest" Season 4 will be a bittersweet affair for viewers who've stuck with the series through its various ups and downs. The third season ended with multiple characters going through some hard times, and the latest teaser doesn't suggest that their lives are about to get any easier.

The footage reveals that the passengers of Flight 828 are in peril and Michaela (Melissa Roxburgh) believes she's been chosen to save them. Unfortunately, time isn't on her side as the passengers are going to die in 18 months. Elsewhere, Cal (now played by Ty Doran) is out to find answers after disappearing and returning five years older, and it turns out that the passengers may have been chosen by the storm that captured their plane.

Of course, it will be interesting to see how some characters will cope following the events of Season 3. Ben Stone (Josh Dallas), for example, will have to deal with the death of his wife and his daughter's kidnapping, so expect that storyline to take some dramatic turns.