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Tim Burton's Wednesday Is Coming Just In Time For A Holiday, But Not The One You're Thinking Of

There was something mysterious, spooky, and altogether kooky about an "Addams Family"-centric show focused solely on Wednesday Addams. And yet following the release of the first trailer for Netflix's upcoming series with "Scream" lead Jenna Ortega, excitement levels suddenly spiked at what was on show. With buckets of blood, murder, and Catherine Zeta-Jones and Luis Gùzman as Morticia and Gomez Addams, respectively, to boot, the most Tim Burton franchise to be placed in his hands was looking mighty promising.

But just when exactly would we be getting a look at "Wednesday" and her upcoming adventure? Well, the specific day of its release seemed like a no-brainer unless the heads at Netflix wanted to go for a chaotic move and release it on a Sunday afternoon to mess with us. Thankfully, the House of N has finally confirmed when we will be reunited with "Wednesday," and it's not the perfect seasonal spot you'd hope for. It appears the oldest Addams child has overshot the spooky season, and rather than drop on our watchlists near Halloween, she will be debuting at a time that could be equally terrifying. Gobble, gobble at your peril, folks.

Wednesday is set to be a Thanksgiving appetizer

It seems that Netflix is planning for this upcoming insight into the Addams Family girl's grim tale to sit right before families across America inhale turkey and pass out on the sofa. As confirmed on Twitter by the streaming service, "Wednesday" is set to arrive on November 23, the day before Thanksgiving, which is a Wednesday (phew).

Between now and then, we can only sit and wonder what kind of gruesome adventure Jenna Ortega's braided and bleak-viewing heroine will be up to in her new series. All the trailer has given away is that she's whisked off to a boarding school after an incident with piranha and finds herself in the deep end when a murder occurs on the grounds. Will she be on the hunt for the killer, or is she the villain herself? 

Also, what role will OG Wednesday, Christina Ricci, be inhabiting for the new series? Our money is still wandering onto the scene as Thing and lending a helping hand to this new take on the character. We'll have to see if that really is the case when the big day and the iconic character arrive in November. *click, click*