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She-Hulk Episode 6's Mr. Immortal Has Resurrected Debates About Thanos' Snap

Warning: This article contains spoilers for "She-Hulk" Episode 6

Wedding bells ring for Episode 6 of "She-Hulk," as Jennifer Walters (Tatiana Maslany) attends a friend's wedding. However, as a brawl breaks out between her and Titania (Jameela Jamil), we have to wonder if those bells were closer to the ones that signal boxing match rounds. Besides a literal wedding crash, fans got introduced to Craig Hollis, aka Mr. Immortal, a member of The Great Lakes Avengers in the comics. His comic version is also slightly more of the heroic type than his MCU counterpart. Played by actor David Pasquesi In the episode, Mr. Immortal visits GLK&H due to his repeating problem of killing himself and returning to life to get out of his many marriages over time.

The on-screen version of Mr. Immortal clearly needs counseling on having difficult conversations instead of just jumping out of buildings and starting a new identity. In any case, coming back from the dead may be a unique power for selfishly and underhandedly getting out of a relationship. But based on fan reactions on Reddit, Mr. Immortal's powers also seem to be excellent for resurrecting debates about Thanos' infamous snap.

Some fans believe Mr. Immortal would have beaten Thanos' snap

When fans learned that Mr. Immortal is a character living up to his name, thoughts immediately flocked to one of the MCU's most iconic moments. Nearly everyone who watched the end of "Avengers: Infinity War" could remember the moment when Thanos seemingly won by using the Infinity Gauntlet to snap much of the universe out of existence. Since then, debates have often raged among fans about what character should or could survive the moment. And it looks like Mr. Immortal is the latest contender thrown into the arena. As some fans on Reddit pointed out, since the Infinity Stones are kind of the Konami Cheat Code of the universe able to bend reality to anyone's whim, Mr. Immortal should stand no chance. "Just because he is immortal doesn't mean he can't be beaten," u/really_nice_guy_ posted.

Yet, other fans argue that because of a canon moment in the comics, Mr. Immortal is beyond death's grasp. Per Marvel, Mr. Immortal's supposed destiny is to live to the end of the universe and learn its mysterious secret. This was revealed to him by the character Deathurge, a cosmic entity of Oblivion who has a strange relationship with Mr. immortal. Deathurge has looked after Mr. Immortal since he was a kid and stated that the hero has evolved past death. u/SylvesterPSmythe posted, "So far, there's no gimmick or kryptonite shown even in non-canon material that has actually killed him."

Fans think there are other ways to still deal with Mr. Immortal

Just because Mr. Immortal might be more powerful than death doesn't mean all fans think Thanos couldn't deal with him. As many pointed out, Mr. Immortal has resurrection at his disposal but not much else in terms of powers. As u/teejmundo2 noted, the character is essentially a regular human with infinite lives, which means that if anyone locked him up or launched him into space through a superpowered punch, the character is trapped. So Thanos could have whipped up some magical chains and sent Mr. Immortal a one-way space ticket hurling towards the sun.

But maybe we've all been thinking about this Thanos and Mr. Immortal matchup all wrong. After all, is the Thanos snap really defined as death? U/DoctorWaluigiTime doesn't believe so. They wrote, "My personal take, given zero comic/lore knowledge, is that he can get snapped as much as anyone. As the snap isn't simply dying, but rather erasure from existence." It's probably diving into metaphysical territory a bit, but someone can't resurrect themselves if they don't even exist in the first place. However, if this is getting too complicated, u/WillyDope does have the perfect solution the MCU could employ to put this debate to rest. They posted, "That could be handled easily by saying he wasn't snapped."