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Where Is James Bedard From My 600-Lb Life Now?

While "My 600-lb Life" has its fair share of infamous participants who refuse to go through with their weight loss journeys, it's the inspiring stories of those who push through their obstacles that we all tune-in for. Fighting through physical and emotional hurdles, these individuals, with the help of Texas-based bariatric surgeon Dr. Younan Nowzaradan, also known as Dr. Now, are able to succeed at both losing their weight and winning against their own personal demons. One of these especially brave and determined people is James Bedard, who appears in Season 10, Episode 8 of the series. 

Coming from a household where his father was largely absent, Bedard indulged in rich Caribbean meals as a child, reaching over 100 pounds by the time he was 6 years old. Bedard would go on to pursue a career in music and moved to Florida where he met a partner who would try putting the two on a diet. Bedard, despite wanting to turn his life around, was not able to go through with it and moved back to New York to be closer to his family. By the time he appeared on the TLC reality show, Bedard weighed 625 pounds and was dealing with serious depression and health issues, so the challenge was on for Dr. Now to tackle his new patient. So just how did Bedard tackle those challenges? 

An unexpected tragedy halted James Bedard's progress

The 38-year-old James Bedard was initially more determined than ever to go through with Dr. Now's plans, which intended to see him lose 80 pounds within two months. However, within three months of starting the program, Bedard's father suddenly died due to heart complications. The loss hung heavy on the Bedard family and he chose to take time away from his rigorous exercise and diet regime to care for his mother. Dr. Now initially allowed Bedard to take some time, hoping that he could at least lose 75 pounds within the month. However, even after this, he found it difficult, after which Dr. Now pushed him even further, with serious worries about Bedard's health coming to the forefront. He went on to lose only 20 pounds within his given time, which he was proud of despite Dr. Now's concerns. 

Over the course of a year, Bedard would lose an astounding 119 pounds, making him eligible for weight loss surgery. At the moment, there is no confirmation if he has gone through and gotten the surgery as he has no social media presence. Along with this, he did not relocate to Houston, Texas (via The Cinemaholic) as many of the show's past participants have done, as this is where Dr. Now operates. 

Hopefully, we will hear an update from this determined individual and see where his hard work and perseverance have taken him.