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The Troubling Reason American Pickers' Robbie Wolfe Once Faced Over 100 Days Of Jail Time

As History's antiquing saga "American Pickers" continues to pick its way across the globe, the long-running road show continues to be not only a favorite amongst fans of reality television, but one of History's biggest hits to date. The series has, of course, taken a few hits in recent seasons due to the ongoing turmoil between former co-host Frank Fritz and "American Pickers" creator and star Mike Wolfe. That turmoil resulted in Frank's dismissal from the show, which itself brought on a likely unexpected bit of backlash as many series fans have reportedly tuned out since his ouster (per The Sun).

Those who've stuck with "American Pickers" know Mike replaced his old picking buddy with his own brother, Robbie Wolfe. They also know Robbie — who first appeared on the show back in Season 1 — has proven a bonafide antiquing guru in his own right, and that his continued presence has helped steady the choppy waters Mike and company have been struggling to navigate. Unfortunately, Robbie has been in the news himself of late for reasons not at all related to his vast knowledge of classic motorcycles and vintage signs.

In fact, the latest reports about Wolfe highlight a moment from his distant past he might rather forget. Here's why the "American Pickers" star was once staring down a lengthy jail sentence.   

Wolfe reportedly had a dust-up with a police officer in the early 1990s

According to a recent report via The Sun, it appears Wolfe may have gone through some rough and tumble times long before he became a regular on "American Pickers." And even as that series regularly celebrates digging up past treasures and exploring their histories, Wolfe would no doubt have preferred his past legal troubles remain buried. Nonetheless, The Sun did some serious digging, and found the "American Pickers" star was indeed once arrested for assault with injury, criminal mischief, and interference with official acts.

The arrest reportedly occurred in April of 1993. The Sun claims court documents they uncovered revealed the then 27-year-old Robbie Wolfe was corralled at a sports bar in the early morning hours, and that he apparently struck his arresting officer in the face three times while being taken into custody. Wolfe initially pled "Not Guilty" to the charges, with the infractions carrying a possible 150-day jail sentence. As The Sun reports, Wolfe eventually struck a plea deal, admitting that he had struck the officer in question, broken the man's glasses, and interfered with his official actions. 

When all was said and done, the sentence was ultimately suspended, with Wolfe paying a fine, submitting to court-ordered treatment, and serving one year of parole. It seems he served that year without consequence and promptly moved on with his life. And yes, these days things are going quite well for Robbie Wolfe, even if (through no fault of his own) his "American Pickers" tenure has so far been a slightly bumpy one.