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Whatever Happened To Tracy Edwards, The Victim Depicted In Netflix's Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story?

The Netflix limited series "Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story" takes an in-depth, dramatized look at the life and horrific crimes of the American serial killer with more context than previous films or series. Whereas the Ross Lynch-led film "My Friend Dahmer" from 2017 primarily explored Dahmer's teenage years, the Netflix series goes much further than that, up to and including his conviction, incarceration, and subsequent murder while in prison. The series comes from Ryan Murphy and Ian Brennan, and they take a realistic approach to the story and the details surrounding his victims. Evan Peters plunges into dark territory to bring Dahmer to life in an uncomfortable fashion that never veers into sensationalism or melodrama.

Tracy Edwards managed to escape Dahmer and would later testify against his attacker in court (via Newsweek). "Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story" is presented through commentary from those who tried to stop Dahmer, often with no urgency from law enforcement, but whatever happened to Edwards after the serial killer's conviction?

Current details regarding Tracy Edwards are largely unknown

According to testimony given by Tracy Edwards (per The Los Angeles Times), on the evening of July 22, 1991, he met Jeffrey Dahmer in a bar and agreed to return to his home to pose for photographs for $100. While watching the movie "The Exorcist III," he placed his hand on Edwards's heart and said he was going to eat it. After trying to calm Dahmer down, Edwards seized the opportunity to strike him, which allowed the victim to flee and seek the assistance of law enforcement. According to The Washington Post, he also revealed that Dahmer showed him both a human head and hand belonging to previous victims.

What Tracy Edwards told police after escaping from the apartments led to the grisly discovery of Dahmer's crimes. Not much is known of Edwards' life in the years after the serial killer's murder in prison in 1994. In 2011, he was arrested and subsequently convicted of numerous crimes, including theft and drug possession. He was also charged with the events surrounding a fight that led to the death of a homeless man. He was sentenced for aiding a felon in 2012 and served a year and a half in prison according to The National Post. He had himself been homeless since 2002. Although his life took an unfortunate path, his role in bringing down a vicious serial killer will never be forgotten.