Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story Trailer Has Everyone Saying The Same Thing About Evan Peters' Infamous Cannibal

Ryan Murphy, with frequent and longtime collaborator Ian Brennan, redefined horror with their genre-bending television anthology hit "American Horror Story," starring film legend Jessica Lange. The series also gave a larger platform to lesser-known actors such as Evan Peters and Taissa Farmiga as the doomed couple Tate Langdon and Violet Harmon in Season 1 (via Deadline). Casual viewers and diehard fans of "American Horror Story" were so impressed and engrossed by the young actors that they were recruited into the creators' talented troupe. 

Peters has been in almost every installment of "American Horror Story," leading to a close and comfortable relationship with the creators. Over his many iterations, he has encountered aliens, played a resurrected frat boy, worn deformed lobster claws (for the memorable Season 4 "Freak Show"), built the haunted Hotel Cortez, and even reprised his debut part as Tate in Season 8's "Apocalypse." Because of his recurring roles, he's become a foundational fan favorite of the horror show. 

Murphy and his fellow co-creators often form close bonds with their collaborators like actress Sarah Paulson, who also starred in both "American Horror Story" and Netflix's "Ratched." Paulson even pulled double duty in 2016, notably playing different parts simultaneously in "American Crime Story: The People v. O.J. Simpson," as prosecutor Marcia Clark, and the troubled Sally McKenna in "American Horror Story: Hotel." The minds behind these acclaimed programs seem to be following this trend with Peters, who is set to play the notorious serial killer and cannibal Jeffrey Dahmer in a chilling new Netflix mini-series. 

Evan Peters is absolutely terrifying as Jeffery Dahmer

"American Horror Story" is well-known for pushing boundaries with an abundance of unique and disturbing scenes. More often than not, the supernatural elements pale in comparison to the stomach-turning depictions of what humans are capable of doing to one another. This aspect has fans already scared and excited for Evan Peters' thrilling portrayal of Jeffery Dahmer. 

In the trailer for "Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story," Evan Peters brings an emotional nuance that reminds viewers of the tiny bit of humanity left within the monster. Peters' past performances primed him to take on the monstrous cannibal, which fans are already praising for his astounding acting range and suspenseful intensity. One fan in particular tweets, "Evan Peters is one phenomenal actor. This looks terrifying and fascinating at the same time." Another user applauds his acting chops stating, "Evan Peters is so good at playing characters. what can't this man do."

Sitting dangerously close to Dahmer is Niecy Nash as his therapist Glenda Cleveland. The Emmy award winner also has a history with Ryan Murphy playing Denise Hemphill on the comedy slasher "Scream Queens." In a gripping scene, Dahmer offers her a mystery meat sandwich she refuses to eat without knowing the contents. Viewers familiar with Dahmer's history will shift uneasily in uncomfortable close-ups of the manwich, while yelling grave warnings to Cleveland not to eat it. The series premieres on September 21st only on Netflix if you've got the stomach for it.