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Parks And Recreations Fans Still Laugh At This Underrated Andy Moment

In 2015, NBC's "Parks and Recreation" ended after a total of seven seasons on the network. Piggybacking off the success of the documentary-style comedy, "The Office," Amy Poehler leads this uber-talented cast that pushed plenty of fans to wish they could spend their days working for the fictional Pawnee, Indiana government. Despite "Parks and Recreation" coming to its conclusion, viewers continue to rewatch episodes and engage in a variety of online discussions about their favorite moments from the series.

It's hard to pick a favorite character in a show that features so much talent, however, Andy (Chris Pratt), is undoubtedly mentioned whenever the debate comes up. Before becoming a full-on action movie star, Pratt portrayed the character of Andy as a lovable goofball who tends to have no clue how to properly handle whatever curveball life throws his way. But when talking to Men's Health, Pratt explains that when developing Andy, he knew the character was smarter than he looks. "Andy on 'Parks and Rec' was my clown that I had honed my entire life, a guy who is affable, who's an intelligent person playing a dumb person." It's this internal strategy that eventually leads Andy to his job at the Pawnee government building. 

Andy falls into a dug-out pit that's located in the backyard of Ann's (Rashida Jones) house. His way-too-long convalescing leads Ann to dump him and kick him out on his own. Luckily, Leslie (Poehler) takes pity on the situation and gets him a job as a shoeshiner in the government building she works in. It is here where Andy not only meets the love of his life, April (Aubrey Plaza), but it's also where fans enjoy some of his most hilarious moments.

Parks and Recreation fans loved Andy's reaction to identity theft

For plenty of great comedic television characters, the humor is often set up by the unsuspecting "straight" character who always seems to unintentionally become the butt of the joke. For Andy, that character is Kyle (Andy Forrest), a simple government employee who just wants a shoeshine. But that shine never seems to come for Kyle, due to Andy's usual focus on other issues at hand. Some of these moments include Kyle staining his pants after sitting in a shoe-polished chair, as well as Andy holding his band practice at the stand, right in the middle of Kyle's shine. 

Needless to say, Andy makes Kyle's life fairly miserable on more than one occasion. In a thread on the r/PandR subreddit, a number of the show's biggest fans congregated online to debate which Andy-centric scene is the best. Apparently, for many fans, it's this quick, underrated moment at the shoeshine stand that tops many of their lists. "I wish there was a way to watch things again for the first time ... this was just amazing," u/jess05atmos wrote.

In Season 3, Episode 8 ("Camping"), Andy has just finished hearing Kyle's sob story about becoming a victim of identity theft. Not realizing this was not a hilarious incident for Kyle, Andy cannot hold back his laughter as he relays the story to April, thinking it's comedy gold. Andy isn't the only one thinking this as fans couldn't agree more. In one comment on Reddit, u/ashpanda wrote, "For me, this is my favorite Kyle and Andy interaction. Similarly, u/chebaebae shared, "Oh Andy. Yah simple but yah fine."

It appears there are plenty of fans who both love this scene and didn't have to worry about network connectivity problems.