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CW's The Flash Is Introducing A New Version Of A Fan-Favorite DC Villain

2022 has proven a rough year for fans of DC media, with troubles ranging from the unexpected cancelation of "Batgirl" to the ongoing legal issues of the "Flash" movie lead Ezra Miller. Not to mention, after nearly a decade on the air, it came to light in March of 2022 that the long-running CW favorite "Flash" series is about to come to an end. Season 9 will be the last, officially wrapping up Grant Gustin's tenure as TV's favorite speedster, Barry Allen. The goodbye season will hit the airwaves in 2023, though as of this writing, a release date hasn't come to light.

Suffice to say, the end of "The Flash" Season 8 was absolutely bonkers. Eobard Thawne (Tom Cavanagh), in his Negative Reverse-Flash form, confronted Barry in a clash that could've caused untold levels of destruction, and Irish West-Allen (Candice Patton) miraculously returned from her supposed death. With that, it seems like Season 9 is set up to be quite the entertaining 13-episode run, and by the sound of it, the minds behind the show are going all out for the big farewell. Specifically, Barry will have to suit up as the Flash to contend with a brand new threat.

For the ninth and final season of "The Flash," fans will get to witness the introduction of a new take on an iconic villain.

A new Captain Boomerang will appear on The Flash in Season 9

George "Digger" Harkness, better known as Captain Boomerang, arrived on the pages of DC comics back in 1960, courtesy of creators John Broome and Carmine Infantino. As the name implies, Harkness became a well-known criminal and villain of the Flash thanks to his proficient use of boomerangs. In the decades since his arrival, he's repeatedly given DC heroes a run for their money, appeared in video games and movies, and even popped up on the show that started the aptly-titled Arrowverse, "Arrow," as portrayed by Nick E. Tarabay. However, Harkness was killed off in Season 5.

Be that as it may, Captain Boomerang isn't done in the sprawling small-screen franchise yet. As announced on September 21, 2022, Richard Harmon of "The 100" fame will play a different version of the villain during the ninth season of "The Flash." Harmon will portray Owen Mercer — the son of Harkness in the comics — who has recently been released from Iron Heights prison, and has every intention of terrorizing Central City further. The character will appear on the show in a recurring capacity, though it's unknown for how many episodes fans will get to see him wreak havoc (via Deadline).

It'll be hard to see "The Flash" go after all these years, but if the addition of Richard Harmon as Captain Boomerang is of any indication, you won't want to miss Season 9.