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Don't Look Up Director Adam McKay Answers His Own Clarion Call

Adam McKay made his name directing goofy comedies with Will Ferrell like "Anchorman" and "Step Brothers." But in recent years, following a creative split with his former muse, he's turned his creative energies towards more serious topics. He directed "Vice," an angry biopic about the crimes and misdemeanors of former Vice President Dick Cheney, and last year he made "Don't Look Up," an elaborate and celebrity-packed parable about climate change.

"Don't Look Up," despite its apparent popularity on Netflix, was never designed to function merely as entertainment or satire but instead as a call to action for the general public to wake up about the threat of climate change. Now, it looks like McKay still takes his own message seriously, and he's been reported to have taken some serious steps toward ramping up his own involvement in the efforts to prepare for and ameliorate the potential disasters to come as a result of that environmental phenomenon.

McKay made a big donation to the Climate Emergency Fund, and joined its board of directors

Deadline reports that Adam McKay has not only donated $4 million to the Climate Emergency Fund -– reportedly the biggest personal pledge made to the fund since it was established in 2019 -– but has also joined its board of directors.

What exactly is the Climate Emergency Fund? In his press statement about his joining forces with the organization, McKay described it like this: "The Climate Emergency Fund is unique in their commitment to funding, civil, non-violent, disruptive activism." The director added that due to the current state of climate change now, that kind of activism is more important than ever: "We are past time for politeness, past time for baby steps. I am proud to support their efforts and call on others to join me in doing everything we can to stave off the rapidly worsening impact of the climate crisis."

McKay has reportedly been joined by outspoken Disney heir Abigail Disney, who recently announced a pledge of her own of $200,000 to the CEF.