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The Two Chicago Med Surgeries That Earned The Show A Turn In The Spotlight

NBC's hit medical drama "Chicago Med," part of the One Chicago franchise, serves up high-stakes, edge-of-your-seat surgeries like Olive Garden serves up free breadsticks. Just take Season 3's "On Shaky Ground," for instance. As noted by One Chicago Center, in this one episode alone, we have several unforgettable surgical highlights. First up, a character fans think is the worst, Dr. Harriet Manning (Torrey DeVitto), is faced with performing a life-or-death procedure that will either save a pregnant woman's premature infant or save the woman herself. So, no pressure whatsoever, right?

Suppose that's insufficient operating theater drama for viewers. Later in the same episode, the now-deceased Dr. Ava Bekker (Norma Kuhling) is on deck to excise a tumor from her mentor, Dr. Marvin Jaffrey ("Star Trek: Generations" Malcolm McDowell). But Jaffrey wants to be conscious during the operation to observe and comment. 

And these high-tension interludes are just two among many times the show's doctors have displayed their cutting-edge scalpel techniques. But this being said, what two notable surgeries in particular earned "Chicago Med" some well-deserved kudos for outstanding surgical savvy?

These impromptu surgeries in Season 4 earned high marks for Chicago Med

The two unique surgeries garnering some time in the spotlight for "Chicago Med" turn up in the episode titled "The Poison Inside Us," when a toxic chemical spill poisons numerous victims and staff at the show's fictional Gaffney Chicago Medical Center (per One Chicago Center).

In the first we'll-just-wing-it surgery scene, ex-series star Dr. Connor Rhodes (Colin Donnell) seals off his specially equipped hybrid operating room and undertakes a risky emergency operation to remove a bleeding man's spleen. Meanwhile, Dr. Manning is trapped with a pregnant, bipolar woman along with Psychiatry Chief Daniel Charles (Oliver Platt). Lacking proper resources as they're stranded, Charles uses a clever ruse to help Manning trust her instincts as she performs her first-ever C-section to save the woman's life (via Chicago Med Wiki). And while these operations make for gripping TV in their own right, they're also singled out in the above One Chicago Center article as the site's "Moment of the Week" for the franchise.