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The Ella Prop Lucifer Star Aimee Garcia Stole From Set

It's natural for the cast and crew of a long-running television show, once it ends, to take sentimental keepsakes from the set. Henry Winkler auctioned off lots of "Happy Days" memorabilia last year, but kept one of Fonzie's leather jackets (via The Hollywood Reporter). Jon Snow may know nothing, but Kit Harington was smart enough to grab some of the character's armor from the massive "Game of Thrones" production once the series wrapped (via Men's Journal).

Aimee Garcia didn't join the Fox fantasy drama "Lucifer" until Season 2. Her character Ella Lopez became a fundamental part of the show, as the bubbly forensic scientist was revealed to have known Lucifer's sister Azrael as a child. Later on, in Season 6, she even helps stop the Apocalypse.

Infused with the joyful spirit of Ella's character, Garcia loved working on "Lucifer." She even told The Mary Sue, "I would come home from work so happy, she really reminds you to have faith and hope." It makes sense then that Garcia would take a piece of the television show with her.

Garcia didn't get Ella's pens, but she has a jacket

In an Entertainment Tonight interview, Aimee Garcia admitted to one massive regret she had regarding the show. "I should've stolen Ella's pens [from the set]," she said. The actress mentioned how cool they were, wishing she'd taken them. But Garcia does have one of Ella's jackets. "I took a jacket of hers, which I still have." She is pleased that the fans are making memorabilia to help remember the character, including her own dolls and a homemade Ella pillow she showed the camera.

Garcia wasn't the only cast member on the series to grab a prop or two. Lauren German took a vintage lighter, and Lesley Anne-Brandt now has one of her rings from the pilot episode, as well as a framed picture of John Decker (Chris Payne Gilbert), who is Chloe's dad on the show and Anne-Brandt's husband in real life.

However, co-star D.B. Woodside didn't take anything. The actor explained that he's very sentimental, so any "Lucifer" memorabilia would've made it harder for him to move on. Series star Tom Ellis just hoped no one official was watching the interview. "We've just incriminated ourselves by the way, I'm expecting a call from Warner Bros. any minute," he joked.